10 Things…

Since I am a new (excited) blogger, I thought it best to do a ‘get to know me’ post as a starter. This the just a list of 10 things about me and what I hope to be writing about at some point.

1. I’m planning my wedding
This goes first as it’s pretty much one of the biggest things on my mind at the moment. The sheer scale of the ‘production’ is overwhelming, with so many things to decide and arrange, but hopefully it will be the day we want it to be!

2. I am a mummy
Ok, so usually the kids come first, but just the once I think they’ll forgive me! I have two boys (3 and 10 months) and I have a feeling I’ll be writing about them a lot!

3. I am a serial dieter!
Sadly, dieting is a big thing for me and I seem to spend a lot of time on a diet – oops! This partly ties in with the wedding as one always hope to look one’s best on the big day!

4. I love me some movies…
I’m not as bad as I used to be, but I do love pretty much everything to do with the movies, celebrities and all that stuff.

5. Should we mention the musicals yet?
I think we should – I love musical theatre and have been known to participate in amateur MT from time to time, and hope to go back to it when my kids are bigger. My favourite, favourite show is Wicked but, to be honest, I’d go and see anything once!

6. I am an enthusiastic – yet not always successful cook and baker
As above really, I like to try stuff, and bake cakes with my eldest, but I don’t always get the results I had hoped for! Although my Nigella Brownies are lovely.

Connected to Pt 2, I want to be able to work from home in the near future so I can bring in some money and contribute to the household in that way, but also be handy in case one of the children is sick or anything like that. Just have to think of a foolproof business model now. Any ideas?

8. Tweet tweet!
I really love Twitter – perhaps too much, sadly. At first I used to to follow friends, then to enter competitions, but the lure of the celebs has been quite strong!

9. I stay up too late.
Last nightbaby was awake til 2am, then woke at 3.30 until 4, then woke finally to get up at 7.30. A total of 5 hours of sleep, and yet I am up and typing after 10pm. Unfortunately the evenings are when I am most awake, you should have seen me mid afternoon – not pretty!

10. Phew!
I wasn’t sure I would get to 10 things, and I’m not entirely convinced anyone will read the blog but, in any case, this is it, we’ll see how we get on!!

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  1. I read it!
    Missed the bog unveiling of this, was there one? But spotted the link on your Twitter profile.
    I use a twitter WordPress pluton to send my blog posts to my Twitter account.
    Off to add you to my RSS reader though so will keep up with you that way.
    Happy Blogging.

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