A Post Per Day…

In an effort to get m’blog going I’ve pledged to write a post per day (at least) and really get into to habit of writing something.

Today was a good day! Those who know me will know I love to quiz and I love to win stuff, and today I think I might have managed to do both.

One of our local radio stations has a daily quiz of ten questions and there’s usually a prize for the highest score at the end of the week. You phone when prompted and then take part etc etc.

I usually never get through to these things, but was lucky enough to do so today and duly chatted to the DJ and prepared to answer my questions. I have to add that usually I tend to get 5 or 6, maybe 7 right while listening as some of the questions are straightforward, some require local knowledge and some are on subjects I have no idea about, but today I was lucky enough to get questions I was confident on and I scored 10/10 – hurrah!

Now, this is not the end as there are still two days on which someone else could also get 10, leading to a tie breaker on Friday, and I’m not great at tie breakers!! But if I do manage to win the week, then I will win a £100 spa and beauty voucher which, let’s face it, I could use with children and wedding stresses.

So, in short, yay me and all keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Rovers ant says:

    Well done clever clogs!!!

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