Time to clear out!

I am quite the hoarder and as a consequence my house is full of…stuff. A lot of it is not even good stuff, it’s just a collection of random items I have acquired over the years, so I made the snap decision today to try and get rid of some of it on eBay.

I used to eBay years ago when you *shock horror* could still send and receive cash and not get ripped off. In fact, I used to flog stuff and go to the Bureau de Change with a pile of dollar bills that people had sent me. Sadly, a zillion people started selling the stuff I was sellingso what used to sell for pounds started selling for pennies and it wasn’t worth it anymore.

So as I said, I’ve decided to have another go, with some of the stuff I was actually selling back then that has been shifted round various houses of mine for 10 years! Total madness I think you’ll agree.

The overall goal is, I suppose, to begin to make an independent income, which will mean I don’t have to return to work when the kids are at school, so if I am needed I am still free enough to be there, but I am still bringing in a decent income.

I’m certain this is that start of a very long road, as I’ve got very few ideas of what I can do at the moment, but we shall see what happens.

Mighty oaks from acorns and all that, so small items on eBay today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring??

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