With a limitless budget!

I had a very nice afternoon with my buddy today – we went to the BIC Wedding Fair. We went to the spring 2010 event, at which I was heavily pregnant and didn’t even have a wedding date, so this year, with many more things in place, it was a different affair.

I actually made a list of things/companies I wanted to see and we managed to look at all of them and collect information, and I even found some things that were quite nice that I hadn’t noticed in the event guide. I don’t think I’ll go into them yet though, in case I do actually book them for our wedding!

I think, then that I may have chosen: a car, some shoes, hmm at might be it, but that’s ok, I have other irons in the fire!

I still need to find: entertainment, table plan ideas, stationery ideas and to choose the suits for the wedding party.

The most fun part of the day was the fashion show. I know my dress and bridesmaid dress are chosen already but it’s always nice to see some more and some of them were beautiful. The choreography of the show also had to be seen to be believed and there was some very questionable singing, but there were also some ideas of mother of the groom outfits to send to mother in law to be which she might like.

I wouldn’t recommend going to too many wedding fairs, as it does make your head swim with things you neither need nor can afford, but I have found some of the things (like the hair and makeup) quite useful and the day certainly is an experience!

Thank you Kirsty for putting up with me dragging you along!

Oh and I may have bid in a charity auction for something I don’t really need, so here’s hoping I don’t win that!

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