It’s all going well… I’m concerned…

So wedding things seem to be going quite well at the moment, For example:

1) I won the £100 beauty voucher in the quiz and am hoping to use it for wedding makeup

2) I thought I’d won the auction is was hoping not to win, but think I might have won the prize draw – slightly confused about that one – could be good or bad!

3) Going wedding shoe shopping on Saturday so should be something else sorted.

4) Got a meeting with the caterers next month as I finally got back in touch with them (wrist slap for me).

5) I have booked the most beautiful candy buffet for the reception and I’m unreasonably excited about it!

6) Have tonight enquired about a disco and a car.

So it all seems to be going well – although I still have palpitations when I open my costs spreadsheet! This is what worries me – it might be going too well, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! Hopefully not.

One thing that is worrying me though is my entertainment and I need some opinions here – is karaoke just too awful?

Thing is, when I was doing all the planning in my late teens (that’s NOT weird OK??) it’s just something I always wanted, but now I’m worrying that people won’t be in to it, won’t join in and with think it’s shite. I know I shouldn’t worry what other people think, but I also know that no matter how much I tell myself that, it’ll still be a niggle.

So what do you think? I am hoping that once people start drinking a bit they might loosen up and have a go, and the dude is primarily a disco with added karaoke services (which sounds rude), so if no-one is in to the singing at least there will be dancing to fall back on.

Anyway, other than this little sore point I am quite happy with how things are going at the moment and I can attempt to make table decorations and a wedding cake topper with gay abandon!

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