Hospital Jaunt and New Floor – What a Weekend!

So we had an eventful weekend this week! Basically, DS2 (10 months) was warm but fine on Thursday and warm but a bit sleepy on Friday morning. Friday afternoon he was very warm and not alert at all, so emergency GP appointment and a temp of nearly 40 resulted in a swift trip to the children’s ward. Thanks go to Kirsty (again) for saving my bacon and ferrying us around during this time as no car on a weekday.

Got to hospital about 6pm and they tested babe’s vitals etc and temp, and he had some Calpol (he had had some at home, but it had not really done anything for him) and he started to seem a bit better but still fairly warm. He had some ibuprofen then and started to cool down, so then all I had to do was catch a wee. Ahem – fairly difficult in a baby I think you’ll agree! Cut a long story short (I know, too late!) we eventually caught a wee at about 11.00pm and when tested it was fine so conclusion is it’s a virus, treat with Calpol and ibuprofen. He’s still not right, poor thing, but does improve with the medication. His temp is still a little high, so might pop him back down this evening if he’s still warm.

Having a sick baby was then not really conducive to being out of the house all day which we had to do yesterday as we’ve had new laminate floor put down in our lounge and hall. Again Kirsty saved the day by babysitting me and my kids most of the day!

One task we did do yesterday morning was go and try on wedding shoes. I was fairly disappointed with the range in the shop we went to, as they all have quite pointy toes, or no sides and I do like a supportive shoe! We tried on a few pairs, but I had already sort of chosen a pair off t’internet which, I discovered were discontinued. This is the story of my life – I look at stuff on eBay then when I try to buy them in the real world they are always end of line or something!

In any case, after leaving deflated, we then found the right shoes online at They had the right shoes for both Kirsty and me and they also offer a ‘Try before you dye’ service and the shoes should be here inside a week. If they fit we the have to send back with a swatch to get then dyed. The dyeing was also free if you bought two pairs of shoes so worked out well for us. So I guess they are my first recommendation then!

Yes, so a bit of a harried weekend, I’m now back in bed, hoping Sunday will be a bit more relaxed!

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