Sarah Millican, Chatterbox, Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne

Sarah Millican, Chatterbox

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of seeing Sarah Millican on her ‘Chatterbox’ tour at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne.

If you don’t know of Sarah, she is a very funny stand-up comedienne who has become very well known on TV and Radio comparatively recently, after plying her trade at Edinburgh and around the country for several years. She is a regular guest on shows such as Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You and 8 Out of 10 Cats and 2011 has seen her take up residence as one of ITV’s Loose Women.

As I said, Sarah is very, very funny and ‘Chatterbox’, her first tour has been extremely well-received, not least by the Wimborne audience on Thursday!

Arriving onstage at 8pm, Sarah performed for around 45-50 minutes then had a 20 minute break, and returned for another 45-50 minutes, which was very generous of her considering that the the ticket price was only £15. The Tivoli has a capacity of 500, which was sold out for this show, and it is a fairly intimate venue. This was great from our perspective as we had managed to get tickets in the fourth row, which was close enough to not miss anything, but far enough away to not get picked on during the show!

As this show was fairly late on Sarah’s 2010/2011 tour, some of the material was familiar, but there is a world of difference between hearing it on TV and seeing the performer do it live, reacting to the audience and running off on a tangent on occasion. The audience seemed in very good spirits and were happy to offer some very intimate details when asked whether they has broken anything during sex, or what were the best things about being a man or a woman – my poor little ears were quite shocked (ha ha!).

Sarah is a very charming and ‘friendly’ comedienne and her style and content speaks very loudly to women, but the men in the audience seemed just as happy to laugh at jokes aimed at their sex. We very much enjoyed the show and I am eagerly awaiting her autumn tour.

For more information about Sarah and her upcoming TV appearances and information on her tour, see her website. She also has a lovely little feature where she takes pictures of puddings that she has known and loved so be sure to take a look at that too!

Sarah’s DVD is now available to purchase from Amazon Sarah Millican Live [DVD] [2011]
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