A Lovely Day for a Special Boy

Yesterday was DS1’s 3rd birthday and, mainly because I was dreadfully disorganised, we ended up going to our local Softplay with friends and then had them back to our house for playing in the garden and some cake! Also OH’s mum was with us unexpectedly so it was nice for her to see him on his special day.

I had a lovely day and, I’m assured by DS1 that he had a lovely day too so in the end my disorganisation didn’t matter a jot!

One thing I was quite organised about was the cake and this is the main reason for my post, as I’d like to let everyone see the gorgeous cake I ordered (ok, I know, but I’m a terrible cake decorator!!) from Cupcakes by Louise.

I ordered a celebration cake and 12 matching cupcakes with a Teletubbies theme. This was a bit overkill in the end, but we all certainly enjoyed eating them and they were delicious. This is the celebration cake:

Isn’t it lovely? And these are the matching cupcakes:

I was doubly excited by these as I have ordered my wedding cupcakes and top cake from Louise and having tried these I’m quite happy that they are going to be fabulous too.

If you might be interested in ordering from Louise, then you can have a look at her website, or you can find her on Facebook at ‘Cupcakes by Louise‘, where she has an extensive gallery of cakes to look at. I collected the cakes from her as she is local to me (Dorset), but I believe she can produce postal giftboxes if you so wish.

Quick note: This is NOT a sponsored post – I’m just a grateful mummy with a very happy little boy!!

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  1. And I loved your DS1s very over exaggerated, hilarious and oh so cute exclamations of WOW and the accompanying facial expressions when he opened his presents.
    Long may he be able to fake that in the future ;o)

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