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Spring is in the air once again and I’ve been quite pleased this week to get back into the garden to hack a few things down. I’m not really a gardener, my main task is making the garden safe for the children and making sure it doesn’t look like a hillbilly garden, but I would like to think that this year or next I might plant some veg or flowers.

Over the past couple of days I’ve only been able to get out there while littlest boy has been asleep, so only for a few hours as biggest boy is happy to run around and play with toys and dig in the dirt. I did have littlest boy out with us on Wednesday afternoon in the pushchair, but he did get pulled over in the chair and that didn’t end well – suffice to say there was blood! Due to this I’ve been cautious not to have him out there when I can’t pay full attention, so progress has gone back to slow.

I’ve so far managed to clear all the paths, scraping weeds out from between all the stones and cutting the lawn back from the edging stones so it all looks neat. I’ve also cut down a couple of lilac bushes that were growing through the fence from next door. I usually love lilacs, so have left the ones in the flower bed, but these two were fouling the path (how dare they!). The remaining ones should smell lovely when they come out soon.

I still have a couple of flowerbeds to clear out as there are a lot of crappy shrubs and I’d like to replace these with something colourful as there are not enough flowers in the garden, just moss and weeds! I’d also like to get some hanging baskets for over the patio and out the front of the house.

As for veggies, I think I’ll have to grow them in pots as the available beds are not in the sun for long enough during the day (from what I have read), but I’ve got some nice ceramic pots I’ve picked up over several house moves, so that should work out well.

Any ideas as to what flowers and plants might be nice to plant would be gratefully received, as I’ve really not got much idea. What would you plant?

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  1. If you want to try a few veggies I’d suggest cherry tomatoes and maybe quick growing carrots, both fine in pots and fairly quick growing to try and keep the biggest boy’s attention, but do expect lots of green tomato picking, but then you can make green tomato chutney!

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