Blogging from A-Z: H is for How Much!??!

H is for:

How Much!??!

This post will be fairly short and is based upon my doing my online shop this week. Since I finished work I’ve been balancing the family budget as far as possible for groceries etc and I’ve just generally noticed how much things keep on going up in price. I regularly think to myself that we seem to pay more and more for every online shop, but fewer and fewer bags arrive each time.

Nicki at Curly & Candid wrote a great post on a similar theme and I totally agree with her! I feel like an old chunterer sometimes when I say ‘I remember when a Mars bar was 20p!’, but it does genuinely amaze me at how much things have gone up. Don’t get me started on petrol!

As a for instance, when I started doing the shopping online I was able to feed us all for under £100 every fortnight, but these days I can’t get a very sparse basket full of essentials for under £120. It might not seem like a lot, but that’s £40 per month extra, so £480 per year extra on groceries alone.

I tend to do my shopping through MySupermarket so I know I’m getting the best price for the shop, but I suppose I could start going to Lidl if I really wanted to economise. I have started to make bread rather than buy it and I think this has made us eat less bread as I’m more aware of eating it rather than just grabbing a slice whenever. I also try and use all the offers where possible and try to avoid visiting Asda in between shops (although this is not always too successful!).

So yeah, that’s it really – things are getting far too expensive. Harumph!

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7 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: H is for How Much!??!

  1. Now I know you said not to get you started but really petrol is ridiculous now.
    Everything is so expensive everywhere to do anything. Just seen a post on twitter about someone’s ASDA online shop being cancelled today but still being charged and they have not been helpful seemingly.
    I know you shop on MySupermarket so does that mean you get from lots of different shops or just work out which one shop is cheaper overall. Does this change all the time!
    My Dad has turned into Lidl King. Some of their stuff is pretty good actually. Fair walk with the kids though!

    • Stacey says:

      Mysupermarket just tells you the cheapest shop. It’s mostly Tesco, but once it was Asda. I think it’s cos the more I shop in Tesco, the more tailored it becomes – I get their own brand so there is no equivalent so it will always be cheaper! Lidl is good for some stuff and I’m not bothered about brand names, so maybe it’s worth trying just to compare!

  2. Nicki Cawood says:

    Brilliant post.
    The cost of things frightens the pants off me – (which I’m not over-fussed with as I’ve downgraded my underwear shopping from La Senza to Tesco #sigh). I use MySupermarket and as advertised, it really can shave 30% (give or take) off your weekly shopping bill. A Lidl has sprung up nearby in the last year and to be honest it’s often empty. There are a few god bargains and I can’t deny the fruit & veg is great quality and often cheaper than anywhere else locally but I can’t do my full weekly shop there so end up doing more than one shop and paying more than I would usually.

    If you use for online groceries – did you know you can now choose not only a 2hr slot but an 8hr one. if you know you are going to be in all day the 8hr slots are great, and cost only £2.50. I thought it worth a mention 🙂

    Thanks for a great post, and the mention!

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks – I didn’t know that about Asda – great idea though cos the delivery charges are also extortionate – especially at Christmas!!

  3. Or just stop online shoppping for 3 months (in prep for new kitchen) then Asda send you a free delivery! Yes, it is getting more expensive.
    Agree with Nicki, whenever I attempt a Lidl shop there’s so many things I can’t get I end up in Asda or Tesco then get more stuff, or just end up in a shop every day for a week trying to get everything and spend a fortune.

  4. Cath says:

    I guess I’m old fashioned in that I still go to the store for my shop. I’ve tried online but balk at the delivery charge, have been caught out with BOGOF offers not being on when I get the delivery, hence getting charged full price, and I’ve ordered all the ingredients for a fish pie, and received all of it except the fish, which was out of stock & no replacement sent. Grrr. So I endure the insanity of Tesco at the weekend, succumb to all the end of aisle offers (29 muller rices anyone?) just to save what? – £4 delivery? Oh well.
    I too am finding prices going up horrifically (and income going down, which is helpful), but by eating less meat, cheaper cuts, & bulking out with veg (which I have finally trained my husband to eat) I can make 4-6 meals at a time, freeze the leftovers, then once I’ve got enough we have a freezer week. That means I still go to Tesco, but only buy fruit & milk. And wash powder. Loo roll. Shampoo. Etc etc. Enough. I’m depressed now.
    Essence of this reply is: yes, I completely agree.

  5. Jingle says:

    how much?

    lovely pondering, I wonder the same many times.

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