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Ok, so I could stand for many things – just ask Apple – but I have waxed lyrical about the iPad in my learning through play post, so I shall choose the Internet.

I love the Internet – I think it’s amazing in every way. Ok, it has its more ahem ‘adult’ side and the media go on about it being a haven for paedos but all that is a bit heavy for me – I love the internet cos I can buy something at midnight and have it delivered to my door.

I first used the Internet at Uni, which would have been in 1996 (Jeesus I feel old!) and it was a whole new world, which I mostly used for accessing the IMDB rather than for actual work! I can barely remember what sort of websites were out there at the time, but I did start my very own Geocities website (all about James Bond – it didn’t last long!) and get my first email address.

I’ve always used the internet to buy stuff and look stuff up, holidays, books, DVDs – and I’ve made my love for eBay very well known. I still use the Internet for buying stuff, but my biggest use for it these days is communication.

I got a MySpace in around 2006, but didn’t really get on with it – I jazzed it up with themes and music etc, but was happier with Facebook when I was told about that and I tend to use it a fair bit (!). I did get a little carried away with playing Facebook games, like Sorority Life and Cafe World, but I spent far too much time on them and gave them up in the end. I mainly use Facebook now for keeping in touch with friends and family and also post stuff there from the blog.

I was quite slow to get started in using Twitter, but did grow to love it fairly quickly, mainly through having an iPhone app for it, so it was easy to keep checking it all the time. Twitter’s been really useful in getting the blog started as there are loads of great mummy bloggers on there, all very friendly and writing relevant stuff on their blogs. The best bit though is being able to ‘talk’ to my friends on Twitter. I HATE using the phone and never call anyone, so tend to lose touch with people, but Twitter and Facebook have allowed me to keep up with what people are doing without those embarrassing pauses that so characterise my phonecalls!

My parents live in France, so the Internet – and Skype – have allowed us to keep in touch and allowed them to see the children, something that has made a big difference to my Mum and made her feel less like she is missing how they are changing. Mr W’s family are also Up North, so we speak to them on Skype too and everyone is much happier for it, and keeping Nanas happy is very important!

I don’t expect my love of the Internet will dim as I use it for everything – grocery shopping, christmas presents, researching stuff – I’m even planning our wedding primarily using the Internet and it’s been so useful for ideas, booking stuff and all sorts.

As you’re reading this then you obviously use the Internet too, but what do you think – handy tool or necessary evil? Could you live without it?

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9 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: I is for Internet

  1. Cath says:

    I love the Internet. I used it in 1999 to get a job in New Zealand: I emailled my CV and even a digital photo of myself. Since then it’s grown to vast proportions, and like you, my iPhone apps have helped me access it all even easier. Now I wonder how we ever coped before it. Who won the best actress Oscar in 1974? Who was xmas number 1 in 1989? Let’s google it! 20 years ago we’d have had to go to the library. I think what scares me the most is the speed of change. What will technology be doing in another 20 years? I’ve no idea, but I can barely cope with it as it is now!

  2. No, I don’t think I could live without it now.
    I remember barely being able to use a computer when at uni (I had to get someone else to type up my dissertation!) but now I’m on the computer and the internet a lot of the time.
    I agree with you about using it to talk to the friends I know in real life already – blogging has done even more to help me ‘get to know you’. And we still do meet up which is great, the only problem is knowing whether you’ve read what I’ve put on Twitter/Facebook etc and worrying about repeating myself.
    Without the internet there would also be no imdb to stop my frustration when I can’t remember what other film this actor has been in and no internet shopping to control my ‘I love getting post’ cravings. I’d only get junk mail or bills otherwise (mind you thanks to the internet my bills may be larger than they once were – except I do try to find a bargain). The poor shops have me on my iphone checking amazon to see if I can get it cheaper.
    The internet has also put me in touch with people from around the world and I like to think I’ve made some more friends even when I haven’t met them.
    Good post – thanks for sharing.
    I had to mention iPad in mine! Only briefly though.

  3. Both necessary evil and handy tool, I’d think. I remember using encyclopedias to do school work! And losing connection every time the phone rang! It’s thrilling to see what the internet can do, and terrifying at the same time. But I choose to enjoy the wonders of it….

    • Stacey says:

      Yes! I remember that – we had to tell people not to phone between 6-7 cos when the Internet was on the phone was engaged!

  4. Tara Tyler says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. I love the wealth of information and the ability to communicate and shop. I hate the threat of viruses destroying all the accumulated information on my computer. I have security software, but it’s been catching more and more viruses trying to destroy me! Why? Why is there always someone out there trying to ruin it for everyone?
    Thanks for letting me vent!
    Happy I Day!

  5. Jay says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that even the (thankfully rare) brief downtimes of my ISP have me twitching like an addict deprived of a vital hit.

    I use it for shopping, online banking, communicating, googling, you name it.

    As someone who spent several years practically housebound with serious knee problems, I have to say that the internet was an absolute Godsend. Online gaming gave me an outlet to socialise despite the fact that I couldn’t really go out. I’ve also made some wonderful friends who I never would have known without the joys of the Internet, so I have a lot to thank it for

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