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L is for:


Or far too many thereof!

Those who know me will know that I am overweight and have been on a diet since I was about 16. Largely unsuccessfully I do have to add. Currently I am supposed to be dieting for my wedding but am having a difficult time passing up gorgeous foods that I love, even though the reward will be brilliant.

In my time I’ve tried about every diet going, Heart Foundation, Cabbage Soup, Grapefruit, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley and even that weird one where you diet for three days and can only eat three slices of ham and four french beans. Some have had more success than others!

My biggest problems are my love of food and my laziness and a combination of these led to my tipping the scales at 20 stone in my first year of Uni – I was away from home and free to eat what I wanted, so I did. This is me in about 1997 I clipped my friend out of the pic, cos it’s creepy and looks like fatty Stacey is about to eat her head…):

I hate looking at those pics!

In my second year of Uni I decided to join the Pontypridd Slimming World group. I had tried Slimming World before while I was at School and not done terrifically well, but this time I was able to lose about 3 stone – I followed the plan to the letter and had no car so had to walk pretty much everywhere. After a while though, the loss started to tail off and I stayed the same week after week, even though I followed the plan religiously. It was after a trip to the GP that I was diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid, which went some way to explaining why I couldn’t shift weight even though I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. I was put on Thyroxine tablets and did feel a lot better, but by this time I had got so discouraged by not losing any weight that I had given up entirely :0(

Cut forward a few years and after many more attempts at sticking to a diet and I was about 17 stone and discovered I was pregnant. Cue high-risk pregnancy, certainty of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes and certainty of gaining another two stone. Ok, so it wasn’t so dramatic, but I was classed as high-risk due to my weight and also the underactive thyroid, as this can cause babies to be underweight. I was very well cared for, with extra scans (five in total), glucose tolerance test and meetings with the aneasthetist in case of the need for emergency caesarian. Thankfully I didn’t get any of the conditions they were worried about, the labour went off without a hitch and I didn’t gain any weight during pregnancy thanks to being sick as a dog in the first three months and losing about a stone in weight then (I would not recommend this as a weightloss method!).

As I breastfed our baby I did lose some weight again, so I was around the 15 stone mark, which was the lightest I had been as an adult. I was also getting lots of exercise pushing the buggy to the park etc. Unfortunately as the breastfeeding schedule thinned out, I kept eating the same foods and did not.

I was around 17 stone again when I fell pregnant with baby number 2 and the cycle was pretty much the same. This time, however, I did make a concerted effort to lose weight after he was born, using my old Slimming World books and losing about a stone and a half. Sadly, I’ve now stuck at that weight and need some oomph to get me back into gear. I have recently got back into going out in the evenings more now that littlest lad isn’t feeding and waking as much and that does tend to come with food, but I wouldn’t pass up seeing old friends for anything, so I guess I need to get my butt into gear all the other times!

This is me now and although ok I’m about five stone lighter than the top pick, it’s still not a great look:

So, I have a wedding dress to get into (and let me tell you it is FRIKKIN’ AWESOME), so what do I do to get myself going (I know, eat less shit, do more shit)? Assistance sil vous plait!!

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7 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: L is for Lbs

  1. How’s about we try a Monday body combat? I’ve got to lose weight too else I’m going to need about 25 spaghetti straps to keep my jugs in my bridesmaid dress.

    You have done so well over the years, when the weather stays nice it will be easier.

  2. Cath says:

    Well, you know I can’t offer you any weight-loss tips, but I can tell you how well I think you’ve done. As I don’t get to see you that often I can really tell the difference. I can remember seeing you when you were about 5? months pregnant (for the first time). I was stunned by how different you looked, and how much slimmer. Weirdly, you didn’t look pregnant at all, because you’d lost so much weight.
    You’ve done really well (25% of your max body weight lost!!), and I’m really proud of you! *hugs*
    PS I did see a friend on fb today post a photo of her fridge door- she’d used magnetic letters to write ‘muzt be skinay for bridesmaid drez’!

  3. I must do this, not sure i have enough zs though.

  4. Jay Sawdy says:

    I can second saying how bloody wonderfully you’ve done, and how fecking fantastic you look. Having not seen you in an age, I got the full 5 stone weightloss effect, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely stunning!

    From a weightloss point of view, I have found Weightwatchers works best for me. I can’t manage “must have one from this list, and two from that” style diets, but can, given rare moments of will power, do better with “here’s x amount of points, spend them however the hell you like”. I found I ended up finding sneaky little swaps to keep the points down. If I wanted a bag of crisps, I’d have a bag of crisps, but instead of McCoys at 6 points (or whatever, something high anyway) a bag, I’d have hula hoops at 2 points a bag. And if I got to the point where I’d sell my Grandmother for a Mars bar, well I’d have a Mars bar….it just meant salad or veggies for tea. I also found that once you’ve found sneaky little swaps, they become a habit that stays with you even when you leap gleefully from the wagon – which helps longer term.

    Good luck *hug* you’re gonna look gorgeous x

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