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I love movies, I love everything about them. The stories, the actors, the whole aura of celebrity and sparkle that surrounds them. I memorise facts about them and snippets of dialogue to bore and frustrate amuse and delight my friends. My tastes are quite wide, but I do have some very favourites I’d like to share:

James Bond

I was once a member of the James Bond International Fanclub can you believe! My favourite Bond was Timothy Dalton (to cries of SHAME from Bond afficionados!) with Roger Moore in close second. I’ve linked to License to Kill, my favourite of the series. I just loved the suave, sophisticated espionage plots and, especially in Moore’s films, the little quips, such as:

M: Bond! What do you think you’re doing?
Bond: Keeping the British end up Sir!

I could go on and on about Bond, but maybe that is a post all on its own!

The Cutting Edge

This is such a rubbish movie – but I LOVE it! Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney star as an Olympic pairs skater with no partner and a damaged Hockey Player who can no longer play. They get paired up on the ice and sparks fly, there’s love, kissing, awesome skating, Robin Cousins with a weird American accent and yeah, it’s good. It’s so delightfully nineties with a thumping soundtrack (which I also have) and I watch it over and over again – most recently on Monday (and I still cried at the end, even though I know what’s coming). Anyone who knows what ‘Toepick’ means can join my secret club!!

The Slipper and the Rose

Richard Chamberlain is the handsome Prince and Gemma Craven in Cinderella in this gorgeous musical from 1976. Again, it’s one I watch all the time – although I don’t really need to as I’ve got the lines memorised! I also love collecting memorabilia for this movie – nothing on eBay is safe from me if it relates to this!! So far I have the book, songbook, posters, magazine ads, a Royal Film Performance programme, lobby cards and even the Dinky promo Cinderella coach. I’ve no idea how much I’ve spent but can well imagine it’s not been a good investment!

Dancin’ Thru The Dark

This is a more random one, it’s based on the play Stags and Hens by Willy Russell and I saw it years ago on TV and really liked it, but never heard of it again until I saw the VHS on a stall at a market. I snapped it up immediately and it’s now treasured. Apparently there’s no hope of it coming to DVD legitimately because the distributor went bust or something, so that will have to do me for now. The story is about a girl on her hen night who happens to meet up with her fiance’s stag night at the same club, but also her old flame is performing there with his band. It’s predictable really, plain old fiance vs exciting guitarist but the predictability to good in this case. I’ve also managed to get hold of a few bits of memorabilia, but it’s such a random title that there is very little out there – although I have seen a Yugoslavian poster on eBay for it!

I’ve left til last my very, very, very favourite film (although I love many others) and it needs no explanation, so I shall just leave you with a picture:

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2 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: M is for Movies

  1. Perfect post for you.

    My fave of your films is The Slipper and the Rose and I think I need to see Cutting Edge to know if I have seen it. Especially if it is a weepy.

    Connery followed by Brosnan are my Bonds of preference.

    Never ever heard of Dancin in the Dark.

    Surely the memorabilia is an investment of a personal nature, it clearly makes you happy and would you really sell it on anyway?

  2. Thanks for sharing about the movies!!

    I usually look for books, but I think, I must try “singing in the rain” .. sounds fun!!

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