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Since biggest boy has been attending preschool the usual coughs and colds have come home with him on occasion. One thing I DON’T want him to bring home is Nits. The preschool has sent quite a few nits advisories over the last few months and although I know you can’t really prevent nits – they are all in such close contact that it’s fairly inevitable they will get it at some point – I didn’t really know what I might be able to do to lessen the chances of getting them frequently.

I asked in our local chemist whether there were any products that I could buy to use preventatively and she suggested the Vosene Kids shampoo. She said she had used it on her children and that although it wasn’t foolproof (the bottle claims to protect 8 out of 10 children) it did seem to make a difference. It’s a brand that’s been around since I was a kid so I thought it was worth a try, bought a sample size bottle and started using it on both kids’ hair. It smells really nice – I can only assume it’s the strong Tea Tree smell that keeps the nits away – and so far (fingers crossed) we’ve not had the little blighters.

I did buy a full size bottle when the sample one ran out (400ml for £3.56) and it does seem to be lasting a good while. I even had to resort to using it on me when I forgot to replace my lovely Herbal Essences – it is supposed to be suitable for all the family, and it was ok.

I’ve also noticed on Twitter (my friend did tell me about it, but I also noticed through my competitions obsession) that Vosene have launched a new website aimed at families. I have also noticed a few bloggers that I follow writing about it, so thought I would point you in its direction. There are various monthly competitions, newsletters and family recreation ideas so it’s worth a look. You can also follow them on Twitter – I am, as they’ve been running some flash Twitter comps over the past couple of weeks.

I’m gonna stop now, as thanks to all this talk about nits, my head is suddenly incredibly itchy…

The NHS offers some good advice on how to treat nits on their website, but hopefully we won’t be needing that for a while!!

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post or official review – I found the product and liked it so thought I’d share. Happy itching everybody!

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