Review: Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Cocoa and Berry Mix

It’s coming up to Easter and you may have noticed row upon row of chocolate eggs wrapped in shiny paper at the supermarket. My children certainly have. I don’t know about yours, but my children get far too many chocolate eggs at this time of year, so when I was asked to try a healthier alternative I was very happy to give it a go.

Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Cocoa and Berry Mix is a powdered mix of cocoa, berries and seeds which is designed to be used either as an addition to your morning cereal or as an alternative to cocoa in cakes and biscuits. The cocoa used is 75% reduced fat compared with that used in most other products and flax seeds are good for extra fibre (I’ve only ever eaten them when following the Atkins plan – boy do you need the extra fibre on that!).

I did try a spoonful of the mix straight out of the bag, but do have to say that it didn’t appeal to me in that way – my sweet tooth objected to it a bit, but perhaps added to cereal it might combine with the milk to soften the flavour. I don’t usually eat cereal so instead decided to try it in the recipe I was sent with the product.

Chocolate Mighty Mix Cookies

125g Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed, Cocoa and Berries
100g Margarine or Butter
60g Oats
70g Self Raising Flour
45g Sugar
1ml Vanilla Flavouring
Fruit for decoration

Method: Melt the Margarine or Butter. Mix the Flour, Oats, Sugar, Flaxseed, Cocoa and Berries together. Add the dry ingredients to the melted margarine and mix together until the ingredients are bound together. Roll out the mix on lightly floured surface to a thickness of about 2cm. Cut out the cookies and place on a non stick baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven at 190°C for approx 20 mins or until golden brown. Remove from oven, allow to cool and decorate with fruit and melted chocolate.

Now I have to say that I followed the recipe to the letter and the results were absolutely dire and certainly nothing like the picture I was sent, but having reflected on it for a few days I think that with a few modifications to the recipe it might be worth another go.

The mix turned out very dry and was nowhere near forming a dough to be rolled out, so I clumped the mixture into little balls and baked those, but this didn’t seem to work. I think by adding either a bit more butter or a few drops of milk to the mixture the right consistency might be achieved. I also think the sugar ratio might need to be changed – as I said, my sweet tooth is terrible so the cookie/balls were a little bitter for my taste, but biggest boy tucked in quite happily to them.

I also thought, perhaps that using slightly more flour and slightly less mix might help the mixture bind a little better but, as I said, I will have to try them again.

The aim of this product – to provide a healthier alternative to chocolate is fantastic – we eat far too much in our house and it makes me feel terribly guilty and while I can’t see it totally replacing all our chocolate, I can certainly see places where this product could be used in place of cocoa powder. We bake an awful lot and adding two tablespoons of this rather than cococa powder is a really easy change for the healthier.

Linwoods is available from independent health food stores, Holland & Barrett, Julian Graves, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and pharmacies across the UK and retails at approximately £5.00 per pack or ranges from 49p to 99p for a mini pack.

Linwoods Superfoods are running a 10 Day Healthy Superfoods Challenge on their Facebook page and you can receive a 10 Day Variety Pack for joining.

Note: This is a supported post in that I was sent the product for review. The views expressed are my own.

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