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I LOVE quizzes – I love general knowledge and have loads of weird facts in my head, many of which I have no idea where I’ve picked them up! As I have very little time these days I don’t tend to go to pub quizzes, but I used to go and sometimes my teams have even won stuff – Calendars Charity Quiz Champions 2004, thank you very much – and occasionally we’ve walked away with prizes (ok, on one occasion we won the prize for last place).

I have also applied for loads of TV quiz shows and even appeared on a few. My first TV jaunt was on 15-to-1 in about 1999 I think. That was my favourite show as a student, it came on at just the right time in the afternoon and I loved answering the questions along with the contestants (oh how sad!). I went through the audition process (being told I was a shoe-in as there were not enough women applying) and duly appeared on the programme, getting a crisp £50 note for my travel expenses to London (the first one I had ever had!). I did tremendously well (ha ha) going out in the first round. Ah well, it was a fun day and at least I had taken part. I was on 15-to-1 again in around 2002 (you could go on again but had to leave 3 years in between) and so went again to filming, this time being put up in a Holiday Inn as my show was the first one of the morning. I did tremendously well (you can see what’s coming can’t you??) going out in the first round. Crap. what annoyed me most was the thing that people will always tell you about quiz shows – I knew the other contestants’ question, but fluffed my own.

I gathered myself together though and auditioned for The Weakest Link. I was told that I had been accepted on to their waiting list and one day out of the blue I got a call asking me to come to Pinewood Studios (only bloody Pinewood Studios, my James Bond Heaven!) to be a standby (I know, you thought I was gonna say be a contestant!). I was one of two standbys for the day, the other being a man.I guess this was to balance out the variety should someone drop out. I didn’t appear on any of the three shows filmed that day, but was whisked down to makeup for the middle show as one of the female contestants very nearly bottled it. She was very nervous, but did well in the end and nearly got to the last two. The day wasn’t a total waste, it was interesting to see how the show was made and the food in the Green Room was lovely!

After this I was on the contestant list for a long while and a few years ago was contacted to say that they were abandoning the current list, but would I like to audition again. By that time I had had biggest boy, so couldn’t leave him for a day to go to auditions, then potentially again for the show. maybe when the children are older I will try again!

My final TV jaunt was on the mother of all quiz shows – Mastermind. When I applied to Mastermind I never thought I would get an audition, but I did and took myself off to London, but never thought I would be on the show, but hooray! I got a call while I was at work asking me to go to Manchester to be on the show. I flew up to Manchester with my Mum and we had a nice day out and then went on to the filming at Granada Studios. My specialist subject was The Life and Career of Jennifer Aniston and, ok you may mock, but one guy did the Life and Work of Jim Carrey and I did better than him (look it up on YouTube, it’s something to behold). I didn’t do terrifically well – I came last in my heat – but my show was won by the eventual winner of the series, so I think it was ok I didn’t do better!!

As I said, I think when the kids are a bit bigger I might go up for some more shows – the whole process is fun and there is some big money to be won on some shows (ok, my past performance doesn’t indicate a big win in my future, but hey ho!). There is also always a lack of women applying for TV shows so being female automatically draws you to the producers’ attention on your application, you then just have to be vivacious and knowledgeable in your audition and there you go!

What game/quiz show would you be on given the chance?

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8 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: Q is for Quizzing

  1. Cath says:

    I always liked ‘who wants to be a millionaire’. Once you’ve got past ‘fastest fingers’ you’re pretty much guaranteed at least a bit of money, and I like how the questions increase in difficulty. Also, I once correctly answered the million pound question (“what is a bichon frise”) when the contestant chickened out, so I felt very smug!

  2. I still have pictures of us holding the Calender’s Cup. Did you keep that? And remember the booby prize quiz too.

    Only happy playing trivial pursuit with you if I’m on your team.

    I’d like to go on Deal or No Deal purely because my grandad loves that show. I’d take the banker’s first offer and then probably go on to have the top prize in my box and be really pi**ed off.

    I’m not really a quiz person tbh but I always wanted to go on Knightmare or The Crystal Maze.

    • Stacey says:

      I had the cup for ages, but got rid when we moved :0( I would have loved to be on The Crystal Maze and I watched Knightmare – shuffle left, left, left some more, dead!

  3. Jay Sawdy says:

    I like Who wants to be a Millionaire, but I wouldn’t want to go on there, because there is always *at least* 1 question before £1000 that I can’t do, and I’d be humiliated into either effing it up, or using a lifeline! I’d quite like to go on with my Mum though, when they do their duo versions. Our knowledge seems to run in different spheres, so we make a reasonable team.

  4. Stacey says:

    Yeah, I like quizzing, but it’s much more fun when there’s two or more of you – although perhaps not for the people who quiz with me cos I’m such a bloody know-it-all and get a bit (more) smug!!

  5. Claire says:

    Remember when we won that BU quiz and there was a picture of us in the newsletter thingy? And we went to the dogs as our prize? Good times, dude, good times. I loved the dogs! You are so good at quizzes – I really am envious!

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