Review: The Stewart Company Kitchen Garden Propagator Set (pt 2)

As you may have seen from my earlier review, I was given a Stewart Company Kitchen Garden Propagator to try. I was amazed that after only a week, the seeds I planted had flourished and now nearly two weeks later the plants are regular triffids!

I am going to leave these another few days and then plant them out in the garden, in pots and in the bed, and then I already have more seeds lined up to go in. As I had lots of seeds left over I am doing a seed swap with my lovely friend, the Old Fashioned Mummy and will be receiving peppers, baby corn and mange tout in return for squash, cucumber and parsnip. This is great as if the seeds are getting near their plant by date, then they won’t go to waste. I have also bought some pak choi, spring onion and chillies, so already a full propagator once again!

I’ve found the set to be a really nice thing to show biggest boy – he asks to be lifted up each day to see the seeds growing and asks what each thing is and seems really interested in it. Hopefully this will mean he’s interested in eating the resulting produce!

The set is really easy to manage, just make sure the soil doesn’t go dry and open and shut the vents on the top as the trays get condensation, it really is very hands off and makes starting your seeds off very easy indeed.

As I noted in pt 1 of this review, the set retails at £9.99 and, based on the number of plants I will actually get out of it, this is a brilliant price and I can pack it away and use it quite happily next year too.

The propagators are widely available from stockists such as Homebase and Wilkinsons. You can find out more information on The Stewart Company’s website.

Note: This is a supported post in that I was sent the propagator to try, but the opinions and spectacular results (if I do say so myself) are mine, all mine!

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5 Responses to Review: The Stewart Company Kitchen Garden Propagator Set (pt 2)

  1. Jay Sawdy says:

    Good grief, didn’t you only plant those a week ago?! It’s like Jack and the Beanstalk in there!!

    Would love to hear/see how your veggies turn out, particularly the peppers and chillis. This year is my first year ever trying to grow any seedlings, and I’ve stuck to herbs mainly, but if I manage not to send them to a grizzly death, I’ll be trying my hand at chillis next year. I’d be tempted by carrots if I could find somewhere to put them that my dog couldn’t water :/

    • Stacey says:

      This is our first year too – hopefully it will turn out well! You’re welcome to a squash seedling if you’d like – I think I planted about five of them and I’m not sure how many squash we can eat, also if I have an excess of tomatoes, you’re welcome to some…

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m stopping by via A to Z. Your sprouts look great! And you have a very fun blog.

  3. rhoda says:

    oh my! that kitchen garden propagator is amazing! this is the first time i’ve seen seeds sprout so hugely!

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