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I don’t know about yours, but my children have toys. Toys, toys, toys, everywhere, in the lounge, in the bedrooms, as you can see from the picture – that is our lounge at the end of the day. I don’t begrudge them their toys and I am a terrible offender when it comes to buying them stuff. I do dread birthdays and christmas coming round from the point of view of people wanting to buy them things. It’s great that people care enough to want to give them gifts, but they don’t need any more toys so I am usually without suggestions.

The biggest thing I worry about with all these toys is that they won’t appreciate them as there is always a ready supply. In fact biggest boy is very careless with his toys and throws them around without worrying about it. I wonder if this is because there is always another toy, he takes them for granted and doesn’t treat them carefully. I know he’s only three and things, of course, might get broken, but still, I would hope that he isn’t getting a bit spoiled by having so much stuff.

I tend then to ask for clothes or money for the children for their presents, bit I realise this is not much fun for them, so I guess I’m asking, what would you suggest as original gift ideas for kids that don’t need any more toys??

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  1. rhoda says:

    books? gift certificates for movies/amusement parks/museums/etc? special days with certain people? there are so many options!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about toys. It’ll probably all change for us when Baby Badger gets a bit older, but at the moment we’re trying to limit the number and definitely avoid any that take batteries. She does enjoy those that she has, but she’s equally happy with peekaboo behind a cardigan or banging a wooden spoon on a tupperware lid. I’m a big fan of books, and luckily she is too.

    I have to say, this April A-Z thing is great, I’m so sorry I missed doing it myself. Must make a mental note to do it next year (if it’s repeated for a third time).

  3. Jay Sawdy says:

    I think I’d say money, and pop it into a savings account, and then put it towards driving lessons/first car/uni when he’s older

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