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You may have had a small, minute inkling that Mr W and I are getting married this year. I fact, I like to talk about it so much that I’ve started writing a whole blog about it at It Takes a Wedding. But you can visit that later to look in detail and I’ll just run through the details here!

We’re getting married in September at Upton House in Poole. It’s a gorgeous Georgian country house, set in a beautiful country park and is owned by the local council. As we are having the whole thing there, from ceremony to reception, we get the use of the whole bottom floor of the house until 11.45pm and – luckily – it’s quite a way from any houses as we are having a karaoke disco at the reception (my very favourite thing!).

I am quite absorbed into it all at the moment as we (Bridesmaid and I) picked up the dresses over the weekend and I bought the wine last night, so after a lull where I’ve not really made a lot of decisions about the wedding, a few things have happened at once and I’m nervy/excited again!

I was particularly nervy last night while I was updating my spreadsheet – I had one of those moments where you have a bit of a shock and your hair stands on end – because I looked at how much it was all costing and I wondered if I really needed it all! I guess the think I need to accept is that no, I certainly don’t NEED anything particular for our wedding but I WANT it, and what’s wrong with that? I figure it’s a day we want to remember forever, so why not splash out – we’re not normally extravagant and it feels good to be that way for once!

I think already – and still with four months to go – I have a lot of advice for brides (some of it may be useful, some of it not) and since my friend recently got engaged I thought I’d put down my top tips for brides when planning the wedding:

1) Use wedding fairs and magazines, but pick one magazine and stick with it, and only attend one or two fairs. Too much information about what you could have may make you want it all or think you need to have it when you should just stick with what makes you and your Mr happy.
2) Don’t scrimp on a photographer – it’s all very well to think your friends have nice cameras and can take photos, but having spoken to ladies who did not have a photographer I’ve realised that you never get the day back so it’s best to make sure you have some wonderful pics to look back on and are not disappointed.
3) Get your head bridesmaid to make a list of tasks and bits and bobs and constantly bug her to reminder you of things. I have done this! You should also make sure that she’s reliable as you’ll need her to trek over and hour with you to really random locations to try on and buy stuff! (I’m talking about you Kirsty)
4) DO NOT APOLOGISE FOR YOUR WEDDING. Don’t give a toss what other people or your guests think about your wedding. It is your day so it should be everything you want it to be.

That’s it so far I think. I shall have plenty more after the wedding I’m sure, but for now apart from the odd butterfly when I think I’ve forgotten something (and when I think of all those people staring at me!) I think I’m pretty chilled about the whole thing. Except the wedding diet, which is a whole new post entirely…

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5 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: W is for Wedding

  1. Are you calling me reliable!!!

    You have done so well with the organising that I am sure it will be a fab day.

    Hmmmm wedding diet. Knew I needed to start something!

  2. Emma says:

    Enjoy the planning, sounds great (and I wholeheartedly agree with point no.4!)… Emma 🙂 Popping over from Blow your own bloghorn!

  3. rhoda says:

    congrats on the impending nuptials. 🙂 i miss wedding planning. lol. i actually had the next best thing in charge of minor details-one of my very wonderful friends who if i hadn’t had a sister, she would’ve been my MOH. 🙂

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