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As I have a sweet tooth my favourite things to make are cakes and biscuits and I’ve had rather a triumph today. Due to a confluence of circumstances (people round for the Royal Wedding and an excess of crumbs and broken bits in the biscuit tin) I have made a pretty darn good Rocky Road.

Looks good huh? I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website and it is as follows:

Rocky Road

200g Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids works best)
2-3 tbsp Golden Syrup
135g Butter or Margarine
100g Mini Marshmallows (chopped regular marshmallows work too)
200g Digestive biscuits (rich tea can also be used)
Icing sugar to dust

Optional Ingredients
Raisins, dried cranberries or any dried fruit
Anything else you think would be tasty

– Line a small to medium sized square baking tray with baking paper
– Place biscuits into a freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin or just th side of your fist until they’re broken into a mixture of everything inbetween dust and 50p size lumps. Put this to one side.
– In a large sauce pan melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup over a gentle heat stiring it almost constantly until there are no or almost no more lumps of chocolate visible, then remove from the heat.
– Take Biscuits, marshmallows and any additional delicious ingredients and pour into the pan of the chocolate mixture. Stir all this into the mixture until everything is completely covered.
– Tip the mixture into the lined baking tray making sure you get it all and spread the mixture in the tray until flat.
– Refrigerate this for at least 2 hours then dust with icing sugar and cut into fingers of sizes you deem necessary.

There is no need to use expensive ingredients, and I used the supermarket budget chocolate. I also used glace cherries in the mix because I like them!

The finished product was quite delicious and was demolished in double-quick time!

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3 Responses to Blogging from A-Z: Y is for Yummies!

  1. Kirsty says:

    It was yummy indeed as was Jay’s banana and Chocolate cake
    Thanks for making the Royal Wedding Day a fun affair.

  2. Wow this looks yummy indeed! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z 🙂

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