Review: Gtech Germguard Power Sweeper

I assume I’m not alone in thinking if you’ve got a hoover then you pretty much don’t need anything else – it’s got all the bits and bobs you need for your nooks and crannies (ooh!). I was offered the opportunity to try a Gtech Power Sweeper and thought I’d give it a go, but with no real high expectations and after around two months of use I’m happy to report that I was proved wrong about my hoover and that it’s been a really useful little gadgie.

The reason I wanted to try it was because we have recently had laminate floors put in to deal with family allergies and I had found that the hoover (well, the Dyson) just made a lot of noise and picked nothing up on the hard floor and I hate sweeping with a broom cos I’m not terribly accurate! The Gtech was really effective on the laminate and picked up pretty much everything, aside from sizeable things like grapes and since you can see those, I think that can be forgiven!

The sweeper itself is very easy to set up, just assemble the handle, slot it in, charge the unit for 16 hours (only on the first charge) and away you go. It’s great on the laminate, as I said, but also sorts out the kitchen tile and alongside the long rotating brush on the front, it has a small brush on the side that gets right in under the cupboards – my only complaint here would be that it would be better to have a brush on each side, as it can be difficult to get it in exactly the right spot to use just one. Although my main use for the sweeper is on the hard floors, it also goes well on carpets and rugs and if you unclick the handle it’s really easy to do your stairs too – so much easier than hefting the hoover upstairs!

As I mentioned before, we had the laminate put down due to allergies and asthma in the family and to further assist those with vulnerable health, the Power Sweeper has a built in Germguard feature which is supposed to be 99% effective against salmonella, MRSA, E.Coli and Listeria and is built in to the plastic on manufacture and is exclusive to Gtech. I can’t vouch for this feature myself, as it’s difficult to test, but it’s nice to know that you’re getting a bit of extra protection.

So in summary I would definitely recommend the sweeper as it’s much easier to whip that round several times a day if need be, rather than hefting the hoover about all the time. It’s convenient to use, easy to store, recharges quickly and is quiet enough to use while littlest lad is sleeping. My only worry now is wearing the poor little thing out – it did really well with some Cheerios the other day, but seemed to draw the line at Wotsits.

The sweeper I tried was model SW18 which retails at around £39 and this model, and others, are widely available from stockists such as Argos and Tesco and online from Amazon (Sponsored Link)

You can find out more about Gtech on their website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Note: This is a supported post in that I was sent the product to review. I was not paid for the review and the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Cath says:

    “it did really well with some Cheerios the other day, but seemed to draw the line at Wotsits.”
    I just love your reviews, so down to earth, and you actually give really useful information (plus you do make me laugh a teensy bit too)!!

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