Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

I don’t normally review books on ole bloggy, mainly because I rarely have time to read properly but I was recently sent Divergent by Veronica Roth and I practically raced through it, using every spare moment I had. It’s quite timely that I’m reviewing it today as the book is on general release from today and Veronica Roth has been getting quite excited about it on her blog!

Divergent is Veronica’s first book and is a cautionary tale set in a futuristic Chicago, where society has gone wrong and the inhabitants of the city have separated themselves into five factions, based upon their beliefs of what went wrong before. Erudite value knowledge above all else, Dauntless value bravery, Amity value friendship, Candor value truth and the Abnegation value selflessness. Beatrice Prior, our heroine has been born among the Abnegation and at the age of sixteen she and her brother Caleb have a choice to make – will they remain within their faction and live out the rest of their lives serving others or will they choose to transfer to another faction? The catch is that they will have to leave their family and everything they have ever known for good and live among their new faction.

I won’t describe any more of the plot as I read the book knowing nothing but what was on the cover and it was a pleasure to discover the story for myself. I don’t usually read YA books (ok, I read Harry Potter!) but I’m really glad I read this! The dystopian themes really appeal to me and there is an element of romance that teenage girls will love. Ah who am I kidding? I am 32 and I loved it too.

Veronica Roth is a remarkably good writer – amazingly so considering she is only 22 years old. She knows her audience well and has a clear vision for her characters and her story. Some of the characters she has written are so vividly painted and the way she has written them – the way they speak, move and think is so well conveyed that you can immediately identify with them. I also think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Four (cradle snatcher!) – if you read the book you’ll see why when you meet him!

Divergent is meant to be part of a trilogy and the ending of this book is so explosive that I can’t wait to see what is coming next. I remarked to my friend the other day that I was reading a pretty dull book at the moment, but if I soldiered through it I would celebrate by reading Divergent again – well, I’m only 50 pages away from the end of the other book so I’ll be reading Divergent again soon!

As I said, Divergent is out from today in a variety of book shops, including Waterstones, and online on (sponsored link).

Note: I was sent a proof copy of Divergent and subsequently given permission to review it on my blog. I have not received payment and the views expressed are my own – it’s a bloody brilliant book and if I could write like Veronica Roth I’d be a happy lady.

The publisher has also released this trailer for the book:

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  1. Jay says:

    Based on that glowing review, I have promptly scuttled off to Amazon and bought the Kindle edition! I’ve got two shelves full of unread books at home, and several unread Kindles, but the different factions sounded so intriguing…I never can resist a good book!

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