Review: The Stewart Company Kitchen Garden Propagator Set (pt 3)

You may remember that we have been testing a propagator set that was kindly sent to us by The Stewart Company. In Part One, we sowed our squash, courgette, tomato, parsnip and french bean seeds in the propagator and in Part Two we posted an update of our growing seeds.

Now in Part 3, the seeds have matured enough to go into the garden. After three weeks in the propagator on a sunny windowsill they looked like this:

so we dutifully prepared our soil (by we, I mean me – several hours of digging up weeds and roots) and planted courgette, french bean, squash, parsnip and carrot at the end of the garden like so:

and tomato and radish in pots on the patio:

and hopefully we’ll have a good crop of veggies.

I got so many good seedlings that I’ve been able to pass some along to other people and, as I said in the previous post, I’ve already got some peppers, sweetcorn, pak choi and spring onion ready to go in to the propagator as the next batch.

As a summary to the whole series of reviews, the propagator was really easy to use and manage and helped keep biggest boy interested right up to him helping with the planting out. The set is widely available from such stores as Homebase and Wilkinsons and retails for around £9.99. This is excellent value considering how quickly the seeds grow – you could be replanting the propagator up every three to four weeks if you wanted – and the set will still be in excellent condition to use next year. The set takes up hardly any space and the veggies can be planted out into pots and so could be used in the smallest of homes.

The propagator set is a great product to help even the least enthusiastic of gardeners (like me) to start a reasonable veggie patch and is really useful in getting the little ones interested in where their food comes from. I’m hoping that as the veggies start to grow we can experiment with some new recipes.

You can find out more information on The Stewart Company’s website.

Note: This is a supported post in that I was sent the propagator to try, but the opinions and scrupulously cleared veggie patch are mine!

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