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This is where we are at the moment:

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We’re visiting Mr W’s family for a few days as last time we came we ended up going straight home as littlest lad was a bit poorly. We also weren’t able to see Mr W’s mum and dad for littlest lad’s birthday as we though they had been exposed to chicken pox. They hadn’t :0(

But never mind! We’re off to softplay this morning, then will be doing some things in Chester and then back home on Tuesday evening.

We’ve also hired a car for this trip as we’re thinking of getting a bigger one, but while we wanted to try out a Ford S-Max, we’ve ended up with a Ford Galaxy – a bit bigger than we can afford, but very, very nice!

Normal programming resume when we get home.

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  1. Nel says:

    We upsized to an S Max last year. I thought it may be a it like driving a bus but actually its fine and doesn’t feel big to drive at all. Happy (mini) holidays!

  2. Enjoy the spacious travelling, and apologies for the non-chicken pox (my kids obviously don’t play properly enough to spread their bugs!).

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