Review: Shloer Summer Fruit Punch

You might remember that I recently tried and reviewed Shloer’s range of sparkling fruit drinks so when I was asked to try their new, limited edition flavour I happily agreed.

New Shloer Summer Fruit Punch is based on Shloer’s sparkling grape juice but is a blend of fruit flavours that reminds me a little of Pimms. On first tasting I did find it a bit sharp for my taste, but after adding a drop of lemonade it was a very nice, non-alcoholic substitute for the traditional summer drinks.

Alongside the limited edition flavour, Shloer has also launched a Facebook App called Shloer Sunday Cookbook. The recipes in the app are contributed by Shloer’s Facebook fans and if you are feeling in need of inspiration there are recipes there for all tastes. If you’ve got the cooking buzz and would like to contribute a recipe, then you can do that too on Shloer’s Facebook page. All contributors will also get the chance to win some fantastic summer prizes, such as cookery lessons with a top UK chef.

Shloer Summer Fruit Punch is available alongside Shloer’s regular flavours, priced around £2.29 although there are very often price promotions on the product at this time of year.

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  1. Jay says:

    Mmm, wish Schloer would ask me to review their products – I’m quite partial to the rose. I’ve not actually found this one in the stores yet to try.

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