Monthly Milestones: May 2011

Initially when I saw that Sarah, the Ex-Pat Bride had put up her Monthly Milestones I though ‘Pah! I’ve nothing to add this month’ and was going to skip it, but my lovely friend has reminded me that there are a few things to write about this month so I have returned!

After last month’s dress excitement, this month has been more subdued, but I have been for my makeup trial. I was very happy with it, but won’t post a pic as by the time I had any taken it had gone shiny! After speaking with the makeup lady I will buy some powder to reapply during the day to deal with shininess so it should be fine.I had planned to get started in the invites, but I haven’t got down to it yet. I have purchased most of the required elements, so maybe this is a plan for this month. Also for this month I hope to get Mr W into a suit shop to get measured. Hmm.

This month I also received my beautiful headdress, but no pics of that yet…. Ooh I’m so cagey!

This month I submitted my first material for Brew Drinking Thinkings and it was published on 11th May. I’m writing about theatre, and so when I won some tickets to a play, Bully Boys, in May I went to see it and wrote it up as a review. It was a really good play and I’m glad I went to see it – I may not have made the effort had I not though it would be good material!

I’ve also made some contacts about guest posting this month – although technically a next month thing as that’s when the items will likely be out, but I did the leg work in May!!

Although I’m not concerned about stats too much, I was also amazed this month to realise that I’d had over 1200 unique visitors to the blog. Ok, most were probably spammers, but when starting out I didn’t think anybody would be bothered to visit the blog and that I would be writing away into the ether for months and months. My aim in this regard is to keep writing stuff that people want to read so that those unique visitors will, hopefully, be interested enough to come back!

We were also this month shortlisted by Toys R Us to become one of their 2011 Toyologist families. Ok, we didn’t make the final ten, but we were placed on a shortlist of 27 out of 150 entries, so that’s still something to be proud of.

The children continue to grow and learn and, occasionally, be naughty, but Littlest Lad is starting to get molars now – I thought he’d only have four teeth forever, but they seem to be coming in a bit quicker now. Biggest Boy is now at Preschool for four morning and three lunchtimes per week. I miss having lunch with him on his lunch-at-school days, but he’s really happy to stay with his friends and still doesn’t want to come home at the end of it!

Littlest Lad is also so nearly walking! He just doesn’t quite yet have the confidence to let go and do it, but it won’t be long now!

I’ve recently got back into crafting, things to my Crafty Little Blogger friend Catherine and yesterday (just squeaking into May!) I made my first scrapbook page. I won’t post a pic yet, as it’s part of a gift so just in case prying eyes are looking! My previous attempts at cards have been quite ham-fisted, but I think it’s because I didn’t seek advice on how to do things like papercraft, but since Catherine has written quick comprehensive guides on her site, it’s actually been a lot easier to design and make something not half bad!

My final milestone for this month is a fairly depressing one. It was my birthday. My 33rd birthday. I’M OLD!!!! It’s so odd, as I’m now what I used to think of as an old person. I was quite taken aback when I realised that most of my Brew Drinking Thinkings colleagues are younger than me, some are ten years younger than me. It makes me feel so old and yet I’m still 19 in my head (19 was my best age). Still, I don’t suppose that will get any different as I get older. *grumble, chunter, moan*

Ah well, happy birthday to me anyway! We had a nice meal out at Fishy Fishy in Poole and, hey, the weather was nice that day!

So I think that’s it for this month – plenty going on, plenty to look forward to next month.


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6 Responses to Monthly Milestones: May 2011

  1. Jay says:

    Nothing to add this month? Pah, look at all those lovely achievements! Can’t wait to see pics of them all. Oh, and you’ve been crosstraining your little behind off too. *And* resisted Chinese takeout on our girls’ night. All in all a pretty good month. Let’s make June even better 😀

  2. Kirsty says:

    I didn’t realise you’d got to the top 27 of the Toyologist thing. That’s fab.

    I had no milestones in May but hope to join in with you all in June.

    • Stacey says:

      I bet you did if you think hard – even something small?

      Yeah, pleased to get on the shortlist – maybe we’ll get to the top ten next year?

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Can’t believe you thought you wouldn’t have anything to write about, just look at all that! Well done xx

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