Child Safety Week – 20th – 26th June 2011

Since biggest boy has been a bit more aware of dangers to himself we’ve, I must confess, let our baby-proofing lapse a bit but since littlest lad has proved to be an early mover we’ve had to take another look at our plug sockets and pointy corners!

In my travels I’ve come across some information about Child Safety Week, organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and sponsored by Lindam and Argos. This annual event is organised to help families and people working with them, such as GPs, health visitors and Schools, to become more aware of danger areas for childhood accidents and aims to prevent them where possible. CAPT are quick to assure people that rather than point the finger at parents and tell them what they are doing wrong they hope to educate and provide advice on what help is out there to protect children from avoidable accidents both inside and outside the home.

As part of Child Safety Week, CAPT are planning a host of events such as car seat checking days, first aid workshops and work with schools to make children themselves extra careful when out and about and they are also making a host of resources available to parents on their website.

As I said, littlest lad is now on the move, so we’ve got our baby gates out again plus plug sockets covers and cupboard and drawer fasteners, but looking at the resources on the CAPT website, I can see a few problem areas already that we haven’t covered. I wasn’t aware that it was Child Safety Week, but now I do know, it’s a great opportunity to assess our house again, especially the kitchen area and the stairs – how many times to I leave the lounge and forget the gate? well, twice this morning alone, so perhaps a second gate on the stairs?

Child Safety Week is sponsored by Lindam and Argos and (no word of a lie) we did actually get our Lindam baby gates from Argos and took advantage of their offer for a free baby safety pack that was included in the box. For the price of P&P, we got some plug socket covers and a booklet with lots of tips on how to keep your kids safe around the home. Argos also have a terrific range of baby safety items, although they are not always the cheapest supplier, so do shop around for your safety gear.

For more information about Child Safety Week and to make use of their free accident prevention and first aid resources check out their website.

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