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You might remember that I recently wrote a post about Cuticura’s Great Outdoors campaign, during which they were encouraging families to try some new activities outdoors. I was also asked to try some of the product range and, since I’ve two little botties to change, plus outdoor activities, farm parks and chores to do, I readily agreed.

I was send a nice range of items, including the hand wipes, hand lotion, foamer and original hand hygiene gel and immediately put the foamer in my handbag; this does seem to be my preferred format for being out and about as it’s really easy to apply with no drips and soaks in easily without leaving any residue. I’ve been using it on a regular basis and still, after about a month, there’s plenty left in the pack.

In essence, the Cuticura range does seem to provide products that are excellent at keeping big or small hands clean and hygienic and it’s simply a case of choosing the format that’s right for you: as I said, I like the foamer for out and about, but prefer the lotion for home. Each of the products is really effective at leaving your hands feeling clean and dry, with each having a nice, but not overpowering, fragrance. They are also in handy handbag or picnic hamper-sized packs so can easily be carried every day or popped in for after a picnic lunch.

Cuticura claim that their products kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, but since you can’t really test that at home you pretty much have to take their word for it! Having said that, the products do leave your hands feeling fresh and clean and are really handy when out and about.

For more information on Cuticura, take a look at their website. The Cuticura product range is on sale in major stores and pharmacies in a range of sizes and prices.

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