Review: Debbie & Andrew’s Sausages

Now that we’re getting into summer and, hopefully, the good weather will be coming on it’s inevitable that the ole’ barbecue will make an appearance. So what better to sling on the barbie than the good old British Banger? We’ve recently tried Debbie & Andrew’s sausages and I have to say you’d have to go a long way to find a better one.

Debbie and Andrew Keeble have been producing sausages since 1999, having been pig farmers in Yorkshire for 20 years. Their sausages are produced from ethically farmed, completely traceable meat sources and all their recipes are created in the family kitchen and tested on friends and family at the local pub!

We firstly tried the Harrogate 97% sausages which are (as the name suggests) 97% pork, with just a few added herbs and spices. I’ll be up front and say I don’t normally like ‘traditional’ sausages, as I find the cases too stringy, but these were delicious and not stringy at all. We had them as hot dogs, which is probably sacrilegious, but nevertheless they went down a treat! The sausages are also gluten and dairy free, so could be eaten safely by most people (although do rely on your own checks first before purchasing).

At this time of year I’ve also got half a mind on the looming summer holidays – I see lots of picnics in my future, so I was also pleased to receive some of Ellie & Roddy’s sausages. Ellie and Roddy are two of Debbie and Andrew’s four children who, dismayed at the quality of sausages they were being served at school and on restaurant kids menus, went to their parents with an idea for a good quality sausage, lower in salt and fat and perfect for children.

The resulting sausages are great for the little ones, they are more like a half-sausage, rather than a cocktail sausage and are made with the same lean pork and herbs and spices as the full size sausages. We ate them at home, but I have another couple of packs in the freezer (the whole range is suitable for home freezing) ready for those days out. The kids were really happy with them and would have eaten the whole pack of eight but mummy and daddy had to sample them too (wink wink).

Ellie & Roddy’s sausages are available in larger Tesco stores, priced at £1.99 for 8. The full range of Debbie & Andrew’s sausages is available in the major supermarkets, but obviously do check for the different varieties.

To find out more about the company, the family and the full range of Debbie & Andrew’s sausages do visit their website.

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