Scrapbooks Galore!

A long while ago I had a go at making my own cards – total disaster! I sort of blundered into it and hamfistedly put the things together and if I’d have had children at the time I would have said that they had made them. However! I’ve had a crafting makeover, thanks to my friend The Crafty Little Blogger and her series of posts during the A-Z Challenge. She basically went through her tips and tricks, giving examples and, basically created a beginners guide to papercraft. I then took this advice and created a scrapbook as a christening present for my niece, which I’ll show you and describe in this post. Please be warned it is a trifle wordy and picturey, so I do apologise! Click the pics to embiggen them – In case it’s unclear, I’ve blanked out the family’s faces for the blog – the album didn’t look like that!!

Page 1

I started with this page, with one of baby’s earliest pictures, plus her name and date of birth. The backing paper was a gorgeous pad from Hobbycraft, along with the ribbon (in the bargain bin!) and I matted the picture and plaques with a pink vellum with prams and baby bottles etc on, also from Hobbycraft. The hand and footprint were from a set of die cuts I bought on eBay. I do have to say that I’ve bought quite a few die cuts on eBay as I can’t really afford a diecutting machine and it seems to be a cheap and economical way to add some nice embellishments.

Pages 2 & 3

Page 2 was very simple, but I though quite effective with the black and white photos. Just a dark background, a pink backing paper laid diagonally, then the two photos backed with the pink vellum and two embellishments and my new favourite things – brads!!

I was really pleased with page 3, but it very much came together as the photos were so nice. Just a coordinating gingham backing paper, purple matting paper and some crystal flower embellishments. The sentiment is from a poem I found by Emily Bronte and says ‘The Bluebell is the Sweetest Flower’. I did cheat on the wording as I had hoped to journal the wording myself, but in the end I just wouldn’t have got it done in time, so I did it on the computer and it worked quite well I thought!

Pages 4 & 5

This layout is one of my favourites as I did it as a double layout. I had a selection of pics all involving water, some in the bath and some in the pool, so the backing, ribbon, matting and brads were the same on each page, but the bath photos had a rubber duck and bubbles embellishment and the pool photos a sunshine (bought on eBay again). I was really happy with the layout as I think it works well as a double spread and the photos are so cute!

Pages 6 & 7

Page 6 is really cute – I purchased some child-themed backing papers from eBay a while ago and happened to see a picture of my niece in her first fancy dress costume – a fairy, so bish, bash, bosh, a theme was born!! I added a couple of skeleton leaves and a pink flower embellishment to make it look like fairy wings and the sentiment ‘Once upon a time there was a fairy with gossamer wings’.

For page 7 I went back to my childhood as my niece was wearing a rainbow jumper in the pics, so I used the sentiment ‘Paint the whole world with a rainbow’ (ah Zippy and George, where are you now??) and also cut up various coloured papers and created a rainbow background. The old sun embellishment also came out again, so it’s quite a cheerful page.

Pages 8 & 9

The photos on page 8 were just so cute that I had to use them, but I used a simple design of the red backing paper to match her clothes and green matting on the pics to match the coverlet in the pram, then some star and moon embellishments, plus the sentiment ‘shh…’.

Page 9 was a very cheerful one again as I used a bright yellow backing paper as the photos were taken on holiday and matched it with blue ribbon and mirrored blue matting paper and some fish embellishments to go with her little swimsuit.

Pages 10 & 11

This is another double layout, with each page mirroring the other. I, unfortunately, didn’t have a picture of my niece’s other grandparents, so I wasn’t able to complete the pages, but I think my brother is working on getting one! I also used on this one some pretty paper flowers and purple gem brads for the centres and sentiments of what my niece will be calling each set of grandparents when she can talk!

Pages 12 & 13

These two pages, although quite different, are sort of related as they are both really lovely pics of parents and baby. The first I themed from the colours both were wearing, and found the sentiment online. I teamed them up with pretty ribbon and double matted the pictures.

The second one was another holiday photo, so I again went for the yellow background, but paired it with blue ribbon and blue matting. I also used four water splash brads on the photo because they were so pretty!

Pages 14 & 15

I think this is my favourite layout – partly because it has to do with food! I had four photos in which my niece was eating, so I used all four with some lovely glittery backing paper I got in the sale at The Range. It has lots of cupcakes, ice cream and fruit on it and I stuck some similar stickers I had over the top of a couple of items to bring them out a bit. I also matted the photos on the fours colours that feature in the paper and used the sentiments ‘om, nom, nom, gone!’

Pages 16 & 17

These were just two pretty pictures, but they both happened to feature green and red, so went quite nicely together. On the first page I used some red gem brads to set the photo off and the sentiment ‘just smile’ and I think it came out really well.

On the second layout, I wish you could see the expression on her face, as it really sums up the sentiment of ‘I feel pretty’ – it’s so cute and funny. I also used a red paper flower and a pearl brad on the second page.

Pages 18 & 19

The final pages of the book – firstly a really nice, recent photo of the family and a sentiment I found online, I themed the layout around the peach outfit my niece was wearing, and added a cute ribbon with hearts on, against a voile ribbon in beige. I also added two small, peach flower brads to the photo as a bit of embellishment.

Page 19 is to commemorate the christening and so was backed with a nice vellum with Latin words on, and I added a dove embellishment (from eBay) and some peel offs. I put some photo matting on the page, but left a photo off so my brother and sister-in-law can choose their favourite photo of the day and put it in there.

So there we have it. I think I started it with 14 days to spare, so it was a rush and I might have done some things differently had I left myself more time. Overall I was pleased with it as my first effort and I think they were pleased too.

A good thing is that I have started building up my craft supplies, so making future projects should be easier!!

Thoughts? Comments?

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9 Responses to Scrapbooks Galore!

  1. Cath says:

    Oh wow, it’s completely awesome!! I love the double page layouts especially, and the grandparents one is very elegant. I love the rainbow page too. Beautiful. You should be really proud of it, and in 14 days too!!
    I’m *sniff* so proud!!

  2. Jay says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I love it. And you told me you weren’t crafty!!

    Now that you have a crafty stash started, Swapbot will become your new best friend and tragic addiction. Although I should try and get you to do some swaps with Cath & I first!!


  3. Lovely job. I’m sure they will be very happy with it.

  4. Looks great, I’m very jealous of your crafting stash & wish I had more time to do some!

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