Pre School Sports Day: Roary the Racing Car team are best!

Yesterday was biggest boy’s pre school sports day – there aren’t many children at the pre school, so it was only for an hour, but the sun was out and all of the children played nice and took part in the races with gusto!

Our lad was on the Roary the Racing Car team, so wore red and there were also the Green Grasshoppers and Blue Dolphins. The children did flat racing, backwards walking, bean bag on the head, potato and spoon (with much droppage!) and the obstacle race and there were also the parents and staff races to finish off the event.

It’s biggest boy’s first event of this sort, so a little household milestone – it’s lovely to see him participating in things and he did really well and won a couple of races, but he was so cute during the obstacle race – I don’t think he grasped the idea of a competition and actually waited for another boy to go in front of him on one of the obstacles! Fair play is obviously the order of the day…

Hopefully biggest boy will remain active and enjoy sports – I never did as a child, but perhaps if I had, I would be more inclined to exercise now (or maybe not!). In any case, I hope he enjoys many more sports days and, who knows, we could have a budding Olympian in our midst. Or am I aiming too high??

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3 Responses to Pre School Sports Day: Roary the Racing Car team are best!

  1. Cath says:

    Awww, bless him!

  2. Sounds lovely! I’m a preschool teacher and I wish we could spend more time outside, we have “water day” on Wednesdays, but Florida is just too hot!!!

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