Monthly Milestones: June 2011

I saw that Sarah, the Ex-Pat Bride, put up this month’s monthly milestones and thought ‘is it that time already!?’. June seems to have flown by and we’ve had quite a few family things this month, a few wedding things and some other bits and bobs.

We’ve had some big family milestones this month, the saddest of which was the death of my gorgeous Grandad on 4th June. He was just three weeks shy of his 90th birthday, so that sort of made it doubly sad. There was also the funeral and, although a sad occasion, it was oddly nice to see all the family together as it doesn’t happen that often as the cousins are all grown up, some with their own families too. On a happier note though, June also saw my niece’s christening. Although the actually ceremony means nothing to me it was, again nice to get some of the family together and a nice occasion for her parents.

Not a lot of children news, although I’m pretty sure littlest lad will be walking soon – we’ve had a lot more solo standing this month, although only for a short while, so we’re poised, waiting for him to blast off!

As I said in my post yesterday, it was biggest boy’s pre school sports day yesterday, so he’s getting into things like that now – I’m wondering if I should find some summer sports clubs for him, but worry that he’s still a bit too young.

It’s been a pretty good comping month for me, I’ve won tickets to Britain’s Got Talent Live, a slab of Hotel Chocolat Chocolate and a couple of books, but my best prize this month is a visit to the Dorset Cereals factory. This is not a win technically, as I’m in the top three in a competition to suggest their newest flavour of Granola. I’m sworn to secrecy on what my suggestion was, but I’ll blog in full about the visit after I’ve been. To keep me going though, they sent me six boxes of Granola (marmalade flavour, chocolate & macadamia and honey) about which I was very excited!!

I posted about this this month, but I was really proud to have made my first scrapbook. It was a christening present for my niece and, while I did leave it a bit too late to have it exactly as I wanted it, I was very pleased with the results. I’d like to do more scrapbooking and I thought it might be nice to scrapbook our wedding photos after the event.

Brum Brum!
I know it’s a pretty shallow thing to add as a milestone, but I’m really happy that I’ll have transport over the looong summer holidays as Mr W has got another car. I don’t hate public transport, in fact biggest boy loves to ride the bus, but the thought of traipsing two children on and off the bus while people give you evils about your pushchair really doesn’t appeal to me! So lots of scope to do stuff over the summer and make life a little bit easier!

Coming Up
From July onwards I think the wedding stuff is really shifting into gear. I’ve got to get my peeps together for invite making (I was going to have hopelessly complicated pocket fold cards, but given how long it took me to scrapbook, I’m going for something simpler!), on 9th July I have a hair trial and on 16th I have dress fitting for alterations etc. I’m very pee’d off about this as I was going to have ‘lost loads of weight’ and all I’ve done is bollocking put it on! I’m fixing it and will be back to where I was when I tried the dress on, but I’m annoyed at myself for not trying hard enough. We’ll also have to meet with the caterers and venue again to get the final details ironed out. Meep!

I’ve also got the Dorset Cereals visit this month, so I’ll have to try and not eat too much Granola!!


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  3. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, mine passed away this month also, the day after yours in fact.

    You have to let me in on your competitions secret!

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks, and my sympathies to your family. You start to think they’ll go on forever and forget they’re elderly eh?

      The secret to competitions is twitter and entering loads!

  4. This is a nice idea for a monthly feature. I love Dorset Cereals, enjoy that visit.

    Mich x

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