Who Says Girls Can’t Talk About Cars??

We've recently been in the market for another car. I've nothing against the bus but, as I said in my monthly milestones post, you tend to get moaned at on buses around here for daring to have a pushchair. The type of cars we started looking at, sadly, proved to be outside our price range or not really practical at this stage of our family life, so we've been a bit more realistic with our choice (boo!). One of the cars that I've coveted for a while (and that firmly fits into the 'aspirational' category is the Honda Civic. I could tell you that this is because of all the phalanges in the engine, or the massive torque thing or – something, but since I'm a girl I like it because it looks friendly. If you saw a Civic coming up behind you, you're more likely to admire it than brick it and move out of the way as you might with one of its German Cousins (wink), so one day soon when I don't have to worry about dropped Fruit Flakes, sand, smeared chocolate and potty training accidents, this is what I shall buy! Part of my liking for the Civic, I guess comes from being very easily swayed by advertising. I watch a lot of documentaries, like One Born Every Minute, which was sponsored by Honda on Channel 4. This sponsorship is continuing through 2011 with some quirky new idents created by Wieden + Kennedy ( W+K) and aiming to show Honda drivers using their vehicles in unusual ways. The one that appealed most to me shows Philippa, an Oxfordshire Alpaca farmer tending her flock using a Honda ATV. Each Case study will be a mini-documentary which will also be available in full on the Honda website and will be supported by extra online content. There will also be an area where people can submit their own stories of using their Hondas in quirky or unusual ways. The story judged by W+K to be the funniest or most inspiring will then be made into its own TV ident and mini-documentary. So, are you a Honda user? Do you use your vehicle in an unusual way? Speaking for us, Mr W used to have a Honda CB500 and seeing me on the back of it was both quirky AND unusual, but perhaps not what the good people at Honda are looking for!! For more information on the campaign, check out the Honda website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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