Review: Peter Rabbit Juice Drinks

A lot of my posts in the next few weeks will be in preparation for the summer holidays – I was alarmed to turn the calendar over this morning and note that preschool finishes in a mere three weeks, until September. With this in mind, I’ve been looking out for things that might make the hols a bit easier for me while we’re out and about, picnicking or whatever, and we were asked to try Peter Rabbit Juice Drinks.

Peter Rabbit Juices Drink are made from a blend of organic fruit juices and water and come in a range of pack sizes. We were asked to try the 150ml cartons which were actually really well suited to our current situation. Biggest boy is potty training and, while accidents are fewer now, he does still tend to gulp all of his drink at once then end up desperate for the loo. The 150ml size was perfect for him to knock back in one, but not so big that he was straight on the toilet. They were also great for littlest lad as he could finish one off and there’s no need for me to be carrying a half-finished drink around for the rest of the day.

We were sent three flavours to try, the Apple and Grape, Blackcurrant and Apple and Pear. Each one went down very well and, from the little bit I could get my hands on, they were nice, natural-tasting drinks. The drinks are all organic and made in a nut and gluten-free factory, so should be safe for everyone. They also come with an extendable straw which biggest boy has great fun playing with and using for ages afterwards.

Although, obviously not aimed at me, my favourite flavour was the pear. It’s an unusual flavour that you don’t often see and I don’t know why really because it was really nice and refreshing. They boys seemed to like them all and if it’s something that they’ll drink without fussing and in a handy size to take along for picnic lunches then I’m happy with that.

The drinks are available from various supermarkets, other retailers such as Toys R Us and via the Peter Rabbit Organics website priced at around 54p per 150ml carton.

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