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My quest continues for perfect foods for summer holiday eating and so today I bring you (toot toot toot tooooot) Jme from Jamie Oliver. Rather than a specific foodstuff, Jme is a range of speciality foods designed for those lovely little independent food stores that are so rare these days. Obviously with anything that has Jamie Oliver’s name on it, you expect it to be of a certain standard and the items we tried did not disappoint.

The first item we tried was the Lemon Curd which is, apparently, the range’s best seller. The curd was almost as good as mine (wink!) and was lovely spread on hot toast – ok so, I know toast isn’t practical for picnics, but lemon curd can be easily used as a cake filling, in sandwiches, or is lovely in tartlets, so plenty of scope to create picnic foods from that! The lemon curd retails at £4.00 for 445g.

We also tried the fig jam, which was unusual, yet delicious! It hadn’t really occurred to me, but the jar recommended using the fig jam with savoury foods and it went really well with a nice strong cheddar and I think it would be equally at home in a sandwich as on the buffet table at a summer barbecue. Having said that it was also quite nice on hot toast (can you tell we like our toast in this house!). The fig jam also retails at £4 for 445g.

Certainly the children’s favourite item in the range was the chocolate-covered orange segments (chocolate, of course!!) and I have to say I thought they were top notch myself. Crystallised orange pieces in dark chocolate, these little chaps were just perfect to nibble, great for on-the-go and (dare I say it) perfect for bribing your children! It was quite difficult to share them though, so perhaps they need to be kept back for mummy?

The final item we tried was definitely one for mummy to keep back – Magic Meltdown is a chocolate-loaded spoon which you add to a mug of boiling milk, wait for it to melt and you’ve got a gorgeous mug of rich hot chocolate which is perfect to relax with after all those day trips and picnics! At a mere £2, it would be rude not to, frankly.

If these items are anything to go by, the Jme range is a really nice selection of good quality and delicious foods and I don’t think Mr Oliver needs to worry about adding his name to the labels.

The whole range is available direct from the Jamie Oliver website, or from selected food stores which are also listed on the site.

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2 Responses to Review: Jme from Jamie Oliver

  1. Kirsty says:

    mmmmm, these all sound scrummy to me.

    • Stacey says:

      Yeah they’re delish – wouldn’t mind trying a few more things. Badger and Bumble in Westbourne sell the range.

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