Advice Please! How do we move past the poo?

Biggest boy has been going great guns with the potty training. Ok, so there are still some accidents but, on the whole we have stand up and sit down wees galore. The difficulty at the moment is that he still won’t poo on the toilet or potty and just goes in his pants. He’s been a few times on the toilet and seems really pleased about it, gets spoiled and rewarded, but then – even on the same day sometimes – he’ll still go in his kecks!

I know I’m wrong for being frustrated at this, but he’s done so well with the wee that I guess I assumed the poo would be just as easy. I wouldn’t mind so much if he pooed in his nappy pants in the morning and that was it, but grr!!

So any advice of how to tackle this? I did wonder whether to try just leaving him out of undies completely when we’re at home as he does seem to make for the lavvy when he’s got nothing on, but it seems a bit mean to me to make him run around with nothing on. Should I just persevere with the reward system? It worked for the wee, but doesn’t seem to be working at all for the poos.

Or should I just be grinning and bearing it until he decides to go on the loo?

Any help would be appreciated – even if it’s just to tell me to relax!

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  1. Cath says:

    It’s so hard to chill out about it, but just remember it’s a phase, and he WILL get past it. Try and relax, and praise him when he does manage a poo in the potty / toilet. He’ll get there, don’t worry!

  2. He will get it, in his own time! DD was just the same, to be honest I can’t remember how it finally clicked (now so insignificant in the big picture) but she did, tho I think she often refused to go and held it which just made it worse! I think in a few weeks I’ll start having just as much fun with DS!

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