What Are You Reading? The July Issue…

This is a nice idea over at I Need Curtains for the Window in My Head that I thought I would join in with. I love to read and find I’ve got a bit more time to do it recently – but maybe it’s because I’ve loved the last few books I’ve read.

After having a look through my ‘to read’ pile, I’ve decided on these for July:

Divergent by Veronica Roth – I’ve already started reading this again. It’s such a good book that it’s worth taking the time to read it twice!

Signal Red by Robert Ryan – I won this one and started it a while ago and found it heavy going. I’m a bit more in the mood to try it again now though.

Emma by Jane Austen

An old classic, but one I’ve not read before.

All these links are sponsored – hope you don’t mind!!

What are you reading?

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2 Responses to What Are You Reading? The July Issue…

  1. Kerry says:

    I never get the chance to read anymore I really need to find the time it is something on my 101 things list so I should try harder! xx

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