Listography: Top Acts You’d Most Like To See Live

When I saw that Gigs was the subject of this week’s Listography, I wasn’t sure whether to take part or not – I mean, my list of gigs I’ve seen is short and features New Kids on the Block and – ahem – Jason Donovan. But! It’s a list of gig I wish I had seen, so I’m ok there – my secret is safe…

1. The Beatles
This is one where I’m madly jealous of my mother as she did see The Beatles live, but I, sadly, was born too late to do so, except on film like this:

2. Kylie Minogue
Ok, I know I could see Kylie but I would really love to have seen her Showgirl tour as she’s said she will never be doing most of her old numbers again in concert – boo! I have seen the video of Showgirl, but I imagine the atmosphere there was aces…

3. Les Miserables 25th Concert at the O2
My friend went to see the Les Mis 25th anniversay concert and I would have loved to have been there. I know it’s all on video but again it’s the feeling of just being there with all those fans that would’ve been awesome! This vid is a bit shaky but is the original cast reunited at the O2 (yay!).

4. Tom Lehrer
Ok, so not music in the truest sense, but musical comedy. Tom Lehrer was just a really funny man and The Elements Song is inspired. He was actually a pretty talented musician too.

5. The King
Kate did it. I gotta do it. Suspicious Minds is my favourite song EVER and had not Mr Elvis Presley died two years before I was born, I would be first in line to see him perform.

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6 Responses to Listography: Top Acts You’d Most Like To See Live

  1. Zoe_Paige says:

    The Beatles! Ah, I was thinking this morning how wonderful it would have been to see them all [alive] and playing….awesome!

  2. Oh I agree with the Les Mis concert – the DVD is fabulous. I even know someone who was on stage! Did you know Alfie Boe is only 37?!! Still can’t get over that. Great list x

  3. Kate Takes 5 says:

    That Elements song is insane!! Thanks for sharing it. x

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