Review: Crips 99Cals

As you know, I’m on the look out for picnicky foods for over the summer and while I can just chuck the old crisps and biscuits in the bag, I was looking for something that might be a bit healthier. We were asked to try Crips 99Cal a new baked snack that is – as the name suggests – only 99 calories and 70% lower in fat than regular crisps. Available in 3 flavours, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Mature Cheddar Cheese and Spring Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli, they were actually quite a nice snack for us and the children.

The snack itself is a wheat/potato combo and is baked rather than fried, so it is a bit lighter and puffier than a crisp. The bags are slightly smaller, so biggest boy scarfed a full one on his own, but littlest lad was just as happy to share with me (just barely). Oddly, littlest lad preferred the Thai Sweet Chilli, which I thought might be too hot for him, but he gamely tried them and loved them. I found the Seas Salt and Balsamic Vinegar a little sharp for my taste and a bit salty, but the Mature Cheddar and Spring Onion was very nice indeed. And I know you don’t eat it, but I also really liked the packaging – it’s got the retro feel that is so in at the moment, but I suppose as regards the quality of the product it’s neither here nor there!

In short, I’d be happy to take these snacks with us on a day out and they’re well worth a try if they are stocked in your area.

To find out more about Crips 99Cal, including ingredient lists and stockist information, please see their website.

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