The Gift of Sight: An Important Project in Uganda

We all want to make sure our kids can see properly and, if they need glasses, hope to provide them and we have excellent access to high street opticians and the NHS to do that. This is a guest post by my friend Jay from Jay’s Insight, who will be travelling to Uganda later this year with Vision Aid Overseas to provide eye care to those who can neither afford it, nor have it readily available. Over to you Jay:

Did you know that over 670 million people (10% of the world’s population) are visually impaired simply because they don’t have spectacles?

This October I will be spending 2 weeks in Uganda with Vision Aid Overseas giving eye examinations and distributing spectacles and I’m fundraising for this wonderful project.

In Uganda the eyecare we so take for granted on the highstreet is practically nonexistant. On projects to developing countries VAO have encountered children who attend a school for the blind, only to give them an eye examination and discover that they weren’t blind at all. They just needed a pair of spectacles.

A pair of spectacles can make the difference between a child being able to get an education or being unable to make a living later in life. It can make the difference between a widowed seamstress being able to continue to work as her near sight fails, or her family going hungry.

£5 will enable VAO to provide an eye examination and pair of specs
£10 will provide raw materials to make 3 pairs of spectacles at a VAO Vision Centre abroad
£22 will provide a day’s training for an eye care worker who will provide sustainable eye care

To support this worthy cause I’ll be holding a number of fundraising events in the Dorset area: coffee mornings, selling homemade cakes, a prize draw, selling handmade cards, a “guess the number of sweets in the jar” competition. All of these will be publicised on my blog, and I would be truly grateful for any support you can give. Or you can visit my JustGiving page to make a donation.

You can help me give the gift of sight.

Thank you.


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