Clever Little Jiggy: The Intel Museum of Me

A little while ago I noticed that a few of my friends had posted ‘The Intel Museum of Me’ on Facebook and although I didn’t look straight away, I eventually clicked to see what it was. In short, it’s a clever little jiggy that takes your status updates, photos and the friends you interact with the most of Facebook and turns it all into an interactive walkthrough of your Facebook life.

I found it a little eerie, I’ll admit, because it was really quick to process and then it was like looking at a movie about me p it gave me a really weird feeling, but then after a couple of watches it was actually quite nice to see some of the photos I;d uploaded and then forgotten about – photos of old friends, my little babies and me and Mr W. It also reminded me that it might be nice to contact a few more of my Facebook friends once in a while!!

In any case, I highly recommend you taking a look at the Museum of Me, just click on the video below to access the app on Facebook.

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