Summer, Summer, Summertime!

So Biggest Boy went off to preschool dressed as a Pirate yesterday for the last day of his first year there. He came home sobbing because they had a bouncy castle and we do not, but he’s fine now!! So now it’s the long summer holiday – in fact he doesn’t go back until 5th September – I feel unprepared! And also, we do have the final preparations for a wedding in the middle there so I am feeling a petit bit of stress…

Obviously I’ve got an idea in my mind of the things we might do, but no firm plans at the moment – I do also have a clutch of discount vouchers for various places so these may come in handy. So far I have decided we will definitely do:

1. Farmer Palmer’s
2. Wimborne Model Village
3. Local Parks
4. Upton Country Park

and we may do:

5. Adventure Wonderland
6. Putlake Farm
7. Kingston Lacey

Not too bad for outings, plus some time in the garden and some baking, painting, Playmais left over from my review, some Yummy Dough that I will then review – actually when I’ve written this down it doesn’t seem too sparse!

So these are our plans for over the summer, what have you got planned for your darling ones?

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