Review: Oloves

So we’re off on the summer holidays now and so far, no picnics, but they have been requested for next week!! Following on from my mission to find some healthier foods I was recently sent Oloves, a pocket-sized olive snack ideal for picnics and packed lunches.

I’m quite the olive fan anyway, so Oloves were a big hit with me, but I was surprised to find that the child I expected to like them didn’t and vice versa! Sadly, biggest boy didn’t see the appeal, but my wee gutbucket certainly wolfed them down without so much as by-your-leave!

The Oloves we tried were the Tasty Mediterranean and Light Hearted Vinaigrette varieties and they were really nice, but I’ve recently read that they are launching ‘Lemony Lover’ and ‘Hot Chilli Mama’ varieties which also sound delicious. The 30g foil packs are priced at between 79p and £1 in a wide range of shops and are an easy size to pop in a lunch bag. Each serving is around 12 olives and, although they are marinated, there is not messy residue in the pack on opening, so they’re easy for little hands to eat without the worry of oily spillages! Each pack of Oloves is also only 50 calories, is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is kosher approved.

I’ll definitely be buying Oloves again as, alongside their suitability for a quick snack or addition to lunch, I did also use them in our evening meals on occasion and they are happily suited to however you’d like to much them!

To find out more about Oloves, see their website which also contains stockist information, including several airlines and Amazon in the USA.

This is a supported post in that we received the product to try. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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