Monthly Milestones: July 2011

Well, it’s that time again, the end of the month, so more milestones gone and to look forward to.

Well, as we’re only five weeks to go until the wedding we’re hotting up a bit here! I’ve had the alteration dress fitting and will do the second fitting and (hopefully) collect the dress this Wednesday. Thankfully there were only a few alterations and the dress didn’t have to be let out, so that was ok! On the flip side though, my miraculous weightloss failed to materialise, but we’ll ignore that… The invitations were made (thanks guys) and went out and RSVPs are trickling in (come on people!!) but I kind of know who is coming or not anyway. Coming up I have a meeting with the caterers tomorrow to finalise things so that should be it until the deliver the wine and table decorations to them. Speaking of which, I’m off to Ikea today to try and find some cheap bits and bobs for table decorations as they are silly expensive! I’ve had trouble with these as I had ambitious plans for them which I couldn’t do, but also I think balloons and fishbowls are tacky, so couldn’t have those. Also this month I’ve started to make my wedding cake topper, so that’s on course. Lots more to come next month though!!

Littlest Lad finally let go of the furniture and started walking! He’s getting on really well and getting pretty sure of himself, so he’s now more of a bundle of trouble! Biggest Boy also completed his first year of Preschool, so now we’re on summer hols and I’m havig to find things to do to keep them amused. Not too bad so far, but it is only the second week!

A few wins this month, including a bracelet that matches my wedding headdress (yay!), a few books including a Wicked young writers anthology, signed by Gregory Maguire, the author of Wicked and – excitingly – a duvet cleaning service from Johnson’s Cleaners (this may seem unexciting until you have kids that puke and wee on your duvet!!).

These are the biggest things I can think of this month, otherwise we’re just trucking along really, but next month will be massive, as will the following month – hopefully I won’t go completely bonkers!!!!


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2 Responses to Monthly Milestones: July 2011

  1. Jay says:

    *Squee!* Can’t wait for your Aug and Sept milestones!

  2. OMG you are 5 weeks away!!!! Are you hyper ventilating yet? I couldn’t imagine being so close! I admire that you are making so much yourself, like the cake toppers and centerpieces. I cannot wait to read about your wedding!!!! Please include pictures 🙂

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