Where the hell have you been??

Crikey!! Just realised I’ve not blogged for an age… A combination there of school holidays, laziness and wedding things hotting up I think.

We’ve been out and about so far over the summer hols with trips out, wandering round town, activities in home (inside and outside) and meeting with friends. I think so far biggest boy hasn’t been too bored, so it’s all good and we’ve still got some activities we can do over the next few weeks. The only thing will be fitting everything in as I’ve still got lots of wedding things to do, like table plans, place names, guest book, table decorations – ooh lots of things to make. I may have to enlist help as I think I’ve left too much too late (as I usually do!).

Ah well, the dress is back now, the registrar paid and the venue sorted so if nothing else we’ll be able to get married even if we can’t feed anyone. Despite occasional ARRRGGHHHH moments, I’m not too anxious about the event, although I’m sure I will be as we get to a few days before! We’re quite busy beforehand, so I’m sure it will creep up without me noticing.

On that note, we’re off for the hen weekend this weekend. Up to London tomorrow to have afternoon tea at The Dorchester, followed by the evening performance of Wicked. I think there are things planned for the morning, but that all seems to be hush hush – I’m not in on those plans – gah! I don’t wish to sound ungrateful, but I hate surprises….

So I don’t expect I shall be blogging very much until after the wedding now as my evenings are pretty full with craft projects relating to it… In that case I shall sign off for now and hopefully say hello again in September!

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  1. Ungrateful mare. There have to be some surprises and I have promised no interesting shaped straws!!
    I’m sure you will love it.

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