Monthly Milestones: August 2011

Crikey! The end of another month, and a pretty big September coming up, as it’s our wedding in only two days time. To say I’m bricking it would be a small understatement, although I don’t know why, possibly because I think I’ll look like a prize narner in that big old extravagent dress, or perhaps because of all those people looking at me, or I dunno! I’m trying to be chilled, but am flapping a bit…

So, last month was pretty much taken up with final wedding arrangements – only this Tuesday my lovely friends helped me finish my stationery. I had hoped to do it on my own, but realise now how impossible it would have been!

The cake figures are finished and have gone to my cake lady who will set them up on the day – pictures to follow, most things are confirmed and paid including cars, dancefloor, cake, photography etc.

I just need to take all the wine and table stationery over to the venue tomorrow (tomorrow eeck!) and then there is no more I can do!!

In other news, as it’s been summer holidays, we’ve been out and about with the children, various farm visits, shops, walks etc. We’re going away for a week after the wedding, so that will be a nice change of scene, but it will be nice to get biggest boy back to preschool and have some sort of routine to our days!

I realise that there is very little rhyme or reason to this Monthly Milestones, but that is much like my brain at the moment – normal programming will resume once wedding fever has ungripped that nation!!

To read some more coherent Monthly reviews, head on over to Sarah, the Ex-Pat Bride’s site – and wish me luck!!


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4 Responses to Monthly Milestones: August 2011

  1. Jay says:

    I’m impressed you had the wherewithall to write a blog post at all! Not sure too many brides would manage that two days before their wedding. *Squeeeee!*. Soooo looking forward to it xxx

  2. Oh MY GOD! 2 days!?!?!?!!! I can’t even imagine what that must feel like… I’m freaking out and I still have 3.5 months!

    I hope your day is everything you dreamed it would be. Congratulations! You better post some pictures!

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