Review: Smart Touch Elite Stylus

At this risk of attracting about a million spam comments, I will say that I am an iPad user – a rather enthusiastic one at that, in fact we all are as a family, as the littlies have some great educational apps on it too.

Although my my main use is email and Twitter, I have to say that I’ve found it invaluable for baking, both with and without the kids – it’s much easier to just whip the iPad out and point it to a recipe site and see what comes up than it is to find a recipe, print it, lose the print out, find the print out, smear a bit of egg over the amount of flour and… you get the idea? The one drawback of this, however, is me getting told off for getting flour and various other ingredients on the iPad, while trying to scroll with messy fingers.

But no more! The lovely people at Total Merchandise were kind enough to send me a Smart Touch Elite Stylus to try out and, thanks to this clever little gadgie, my days of being grumbled at (for that at least) are over. Hurrah!

The Smart Touch Elite Stylus is, as the name suggests, a stylus for Smart phones and tablets so that you can happily use them without having to clean off finger marks every five minutes. It’s got a spongy end to simulate the touch of a fingertip and is no more complicated than that, but the great thing is that complicated is not always better, so in this case it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s also got a pen in the other end, so if you need to go ‘old school’ and write something down, you can do.

I used the stylus for various bits and bobs but, for me, it’s worth having just for the cooking and baking as there’s no need to wash my hands every time the iPad goes to sleep or I have to scroll the recipe and, as it’s made from Stainless Steel, it just wipes clean after use.

The stylus was provided to us by Total Merchandise, a leading UK supplier of promotional merchandise, and you can view the product information here on their website, and contact them for customisation options and unit costs.

To view their full range take a look at the Total Merchandise website, or contact them on Twitter.

Please note: This is a supported review, in that we were provided with the Smart Touch Elite Stylus to test and review. as ever, all opinions expressed are entirely my own…

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