Warning: The First Day of School May Be Closer Than it Appears!

As I said a while back at Curly & Candid, I’ve been somewhat panicky about having to choose, and being allocated, a school place for our son. Bearing in mind he’s not going to school until this time next year… The admissions system opened for applications on 1st September and, since I’d been worried about doing it on time, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and done it. We decided what school we wanted Biggest Boy in – in fact, part of our moving to this area was so that we were in a catchment for a good school – and I filled in the form online last night. I feel better.

Seriously, I do feel better knowing that, whatever happens, I’ve played my part and got the form in on time and now it’s in the hands of the LEA, although what I’ve just done has been brought home to me , as my friend’s daughter has gone to school for the first time today and over the past few days I’ve seen a few of Biggest Boy’s friends from toddler group and pre-school in their big school uniforms. Although it’s a year away, bloody hell, it’s only a year away!

This is where I launch into a diatribe of ‘don’t they grow up fast, it’s gone before you know it etc etc etc’, but it’s so true! My 17 month-old baby is now, no longer a baby. He’s a walking (nearly) talking eating machine, who now only weighs four pounds of two stone. If a person was to become broody, this would surely be the time!! Ahem…

But there we are, my boys are growing up and we’ll hear back from the LEA on 20th April, so we’ve got a year left of preschool then it’s off into the wide world of education. I hope he likes it. I always liked school, not for maths and physics, you understand, but the arty farty stuff. I have a feeling our boys will be mathsy like their dad – that’s fine by me, that just means dad will have to help with the homework!!

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3 Responses to Warning: The First Day of School May Be Closer Than it Appears!

  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    It’s an unreal time, doing the school place forms. It hit me that Kieran might not get a place AS I was filling them in but was very glad when he did, after the agonising wait! I hope you get the result you want.

    As for kids growing up too fast, I couldn’t agree more… my newborn is 9.5m old, crawling, has 4 teeth and plays with his big 5yr old brother and more than holds his own. That’s just madness! 🙂

  2. Rover's aunt says:

    A bet he will look so cute in his uniform!!

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