Accordion Books: Sweet Photo Albums by Scrapbookerry

I’m a fairly new blogger – I’ve only been writing stuff down since March, but on my travels I’ve already ‘met’ a lot of people who do the same. Fairly early on, I started following a lady called Kerry who is a bit of a craft Queen and who has now started her own business producing papercraft items such as wedding stationery, photo boxes and albums and greeting cards. Kerry asked me to take a look at one of her designs and sent me the Accordion Book.

The book I was sent is a square, thin file tied with a ribbon. Each of the pages (as pictured) is ready to take your photographs and when you’ve added then it folds neatly back into a book for you to either give as a gift, or keep with you to show people.

The Accordion books are great little albums designed and made to a very high standard, which is great considering that Kerry does all of that herself – in fact, if you take a look at Kerry’s site, she states quite plainly that everything she makes is made to the standard that she would want to receive. They are easy to use, just a bit of double-sided tape and you can have a full album within half an hour – the only hard part is deciding what photos to put in!

This is what I came up with:

As you can see, it’s really simple to create a really effective photo album which, as I said, could be kept or given as a gift – as the books are priced from only £4, it’s a real bargain too!

The Accordion books aren’t the only things that Kerry makes and you can find her whole range on her website. She is also on Twitter as Scrapbookerry.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thank you for a great review that is really kind of you xx

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