Review: glennans Vegetable Crisps

I like a nice bag of crisps, I shan’t lie, but a while back you’ll recall that I was looking for snack and lunch options for our family that would be that little bit healthier and, perhaps, a little bit tastier. As part of this search I was asked to try vegetable crisps from glennans, a company that has been producing vegetable crisps for 25 years, but which will shortly be bringing a multipack format to the shops – the first UK company to do so.

Although I’ll tell you in detail what I thought of the crisps themselves, I want to start by telling you how impressed I was by how the crisps were delivered. I opened a fairly plain cardboard box to find a good deal of bubble wrap around a package of carefully-wrapped tissue paper, inside the tissue paper was the multipack of vegetable crisps. You may say I’m easily impressed, but if a company takes that amount of care to present their product so well, surely the product must be worth talking about?

And speaking of the product, the pack we received was a six-bag multipack of 3 x mixed vegetable crisps, 2 x parsnip crisps and 1 x beetroot crisps all in 27g bags, with a very reasonable price of £2.99.

My far and away favourite of the whole delicious multipack was the parsnip variety – the crisps themselves were sweet but, as they were seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, they still had the savoury, crispy bite. The mixed vegetable were also lovely and I was very surprised to enjoy carrot crisps as I wasn’t too sure from the description! The beetroot crisps were nice enough in themselves, but I did find the pack a little salty for my taste.

The Company

glennans is a family-run firm from Staffordshire which has produced a wide range of snacks for consumers and catering, but now specialises in vegetable crisps. Proprietors Richard, David and Sarah Glennan pride themselves in their passion for their business and their commitment to using only the best and freshest ingredients to create their product. They have been dealing with the same farmers for 25 years, so know exactly where each carrot and parsnip come from before it makes its way the consumer.

A big part of the business is supply to the catering industry, but this multipack available direct to consumers is the first of its kind in the UK.

To find out more about glennans and where to buy the vegetable crisps, take a look at their website. They are also on Facebook and Twitter, and, on occasion, do a nice giveaway *wink wink*.

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4 Responses to Review: glennans Vegetable Crisps

  1. Kirsty says:

    MMMMMmmmmmm parsnip crisps sound tasty.

  2. Blue Button Bride says:

    I love parsnip crisps, they are by far my favorite. Parsnip crisps and houmous mmmmm.

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